You're spiritual entrepreneur with a vision, and a mission here in the world. And you've been living on the leading edge of your skill set/niche/business for a while now. You're a creative genius in your niche, and you know you need support with the "tech and web" stuff of it, so you can really shine. You've found the right place. And we Love you just the way you are.
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Our Favorite Projects

soul clarity carolyn tryhurn

SoulClarity – Carolyn Tryhurn

I'd like to share with you my newest client.  The beautiful and talented Carolyn.  Carolyn is a Hypnotherapist, Angel Therapist, and the getting people unstuck goddess.  She offers people powerful, deep and transformation hypnosis sessions, allowing them to get in touch with he angels, and get clear … [Read More...]

angela may money goddess

Angela May – Money Goddess

"Before working with Elena, I was frustrated with designers not being able to "get it right" Elena has a unique intuitive process where she can literally create an image that is a true reflection of the heart and soul of your business - without you needing to even know what that is. She is a true … [Read More...]

Star Meridian Design

Star Meridian Design

[Read More...]

inside out fitness julie hodge

Julie Hodge – Inside Out Fitness

A SHOUT OUT TO Evolving Humanity by Design and the lovely, spunky, truly unique Elena Harder who did create a branding/logo design for me that expresses the flow, energy and feeling I wanted it to. Elena brought to life the vision I had for my logo... I personally recommend her if you need any … [Read More...]


Arvin Hopcraft

“Thanks for the awesome job you did on my website, it looks great. I will recommend you to anyone.” - Arvin … [Read More...]

You're taking a big leap and starting something new, something that scares you, and something that is desperately needed in the world right now.

You need a new look, some love and support, and a helping hand to launch that new project or brand.

Being an Entrepreneur is overwhelming sometimes, and you need help to stay positively focused.
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Things I Think About:

Your “flaws” are just personality traits that need the volume turned down a smidge!

So this completely changed my reality when I heard this.. "All of your faults, all the things which you don't like about yourself are your greatest assets.  They are simply over amplified.  The volume has been turned up a bit too much, that's all.  Just turn down the volume a little.  Soon you, and everyone else, will see your weaknesses as your strengths, your 'negatives: as your "positives". … [Read More...]

As we together create the world

As I was dancing, an image appeared.  Several days later, it REALLY appeared.. :D I love making art!  (click on it for a bigger version! yummy!) … [Read More...]

Feel GREAT about checking your Email! Video

Feel GREAT about checking your Email!   I was talking with the lovely Shannon McFadden today at the body Soul Spirit expo. She laid it on heavily to me that the most important part of being an entrepreneur, is getting to work WHEN you want. Sitting on the beach stuck to a laptop all day is still no fun.  It's the ability to get up, go for a walk, a swim, play with puppies, babies, friends, … [Read More...]