You're spiritual entrepreneur with a vision, and a mission here in the world. And you've been living on the leading edge of your skill set/niche/business for a while now. You're a creative genius in your niche, and you know you need support with the "tech and web" stuff of it, so you can really shine. You've found the right place. And we Love you just the way you are.
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6 Acts of Receiving

6 Acts of Receiving

Hello Elena, I'm very excited to have met you, and to have spent time with you. Very much looking forward using your design for the Attunement Circle Pass Cards. Please feel free to play, and enjoy! In Gratitude, Trae … [Read More...]

Dawn B Massage

Dawn B Massage Therapy

"I loved the time you spent showing me and letting me make the changes on my own website."  - Dawn … [Read More...]

inside out fitness julie hodge

Julie Hodge – Inside Out Fitness

A SHOUT OUT TO Evolving Humanity by Design and the lovely, spunky, truly unique Elena Harder who did create a branding/logo design for me that expresses the flow, energy and feeling I wanted it to. Elena brought to life the vision I had for my logo... I personally recommend her if you need any … [Read More...]

KI2rd recruiting kevin ireland

KI 2rd – IT Recruiting

"I really liked the fact you were able to take what little I gave you and still come up with something that I felt really represnted myself and what I what I want to do with my company.  You made it easy for me to get done what I wanted to and the end product is easy to use." - … [Read More...]

You're taking a big leap and starting something new, something that scares you, and something that is desperately needed in the world right now.

You need a new look, some love and support, and a helping hand to launch that new project or brand.

Being an Entrepreneur is overwhelming sometimes, and you need help to stay positively focused.
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Things I Think About:

Pretty vs Beautiful. (and 20 reasons you’re amazing!)

I got a comment from someone who is very dear in my life the other day.  "god, you're beautiful" and although I tell people they are beautiful all the time, when it was given back to me, I freaked out.  That's inapropriate, I don't know what to do with that, what does it mean, etc. I'm telling the story of my reaction to a different friend, and as I do I hear myself say these words.  "I just … [Read More...]

Money, Self Love and Happiness (What more could a girl ask for??)

Why the fuck is my money so messed up?   It's messed up because you're messed up about it. You feel out of wack so it goes all crazy on you. What needs to happen is you need to chill the fuck out. Relax. If you do not pay your visa bill it is not the end of the world. REALLY?? Ask yourself. Is it true? I think not!!   You tell yourself the story your parents told you.   Money … [Read More...]


Being with the Calm Center of your Life (the earth)

Good Morning Beauties!! I just spent a 4 day weekend in the mountains. Not only the mountains, but a beautiful chunk of the world called Lake O'Hara.  It's just behind Lake Louise, but without all the bus full's of tourists.  I spent a day walking around the lake with Alex (only 3km, and saw... 1 person in my first 2 hours..)  We jumped in the lake (brrr!), and then lazed in a Canoe with my … [Read More...]