You're spiritual entrepreneur with a vision, and a mission here in the world. And you've been living on the leading edge of your skill set/niche/business for a while now. You're a creative genius in your niche, and you know you need support with the "tech and web" stuff of it, so you can really shine. You've found the right place. And we Love you just the way you are.
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Women Embracing Brilliance - Karen Klassen

Women Embracing Brilliance

YOU ARE A BRILLIANT WOMAN!! THE BANNER IS DIVINELY PERFECT!! thank you Elena!! - Karen Thank you for the changes Elena..Greatly Appreciated. … [Read More...]

roxanne - dance the world

Dance The World with Roxanne

OH MY GOD!!! I LOVELOVELOVE IT! I wasn't sure about the idea of having my headshot on there but it's perfect! You are AMAZING! thank you thank you thank you thank you! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox - Roxanne … [Read More...]

Human Manual

Human Manual

Wow, Elena... This is beautiful! :)  Your right... it was in my mind. I'm shocked!   I love that fibonacci ratio drawing, always have. Color, perfect!  You're better than good ;) -Sam … [Read More...]

You're taking a big leap and starting something new, something that scares you, and something that is desperately needed in the world right now.

You need a new look, some love and support, and a helping hand to launch that new project or brand.

Being an Entrepreneur is overwhelming sometimes, and you need help to stay positively focused.
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It's important to listen to yourself. I've done lots of things in my life, the only constant, is that i have a drive and a desire to change.. people look at my life, and go WOW! how did you get to do all those things.. and the answer is that i nevre do the same thing twice. how do I enjoy my life.. I LOOK at the fact that i never do the same thing twice. even sitting on the beach in the same spot … [Read More...]

re-Birthing is Stressful, and stress helps you grow!

The issue at hand, is the feeling of stress.  You're stressed, your stressed, and you create less.  What is up, is that you're really actually LAZY.. You do less work than a trophy wife lady.  Really, the stress is all in your mind, and  created from feeling like you work all the time.  Open your eyes, to see that what you want is already here, already be's.   The thing that's missing, your … [Read More...]

Just DO it (It? the thing you’ve been avoiding doing but know you will be better for doing)

“Living in compassion does not mean we have to give away all our possessions, take in every homeless person we meet and fix every difficulty in our extended family and community. Compassion is not co-dependence. It does not mean we lose our self-respect or sacrifice ourself blindly for others. In the West we are confused about this point. We mistakenly fear that if we become too compassionate we … [Read More...]