Birth Your Brand

Welcome to The Birth Your Blissness 1 Week Experience.

This one week of your life is a profound week of business, and a fully immersive experience. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Like any birth, you will be challenging yourself. Fortunately, you have the full support of myself, and the Evolving Humanity Team to SUPPORT you.   With our expert help, this experience will be more graceful, and EASIER.  We'll also be checking in every day where I am avalaible to provide my GUIDANCE whenever you wonder if you're on the right track, or need a supportive ear. You will be growing as an entrepreneur, and in the depth of your Unique Soul. It’s about being effective with your online systems, honest in your yearly planning, and like a “strategic loving warrior beast” in your follow up. Shaaaabammmmm..

We will be having a ton of fun in between the work times, and it’s called an intensive for a reason. Be prepared to go deep, and come out on FIRE!

To complete this experience your total time investment is around 6 hours of pre flight investigation, and a whole week with us LIVE in Mexico, to really let it sink in. (I'll break it down for you below. Remember, time is flexible, you can do everything).

Birth Your Brand 1 Week Intensive


Here’s how the week goes:

T-3 Days : Pre Birth : To be sent in before the FRIDAY before we start.
You: Send in your Pre-Birth package. Ensure we have passwords and login info, your dropbox folder is updated with latest pictures, writing, your homework, and your final payment if not already complete (Estimated time 30 minutes).


Together: What EXACTLY are we creating? Structural Design and Energetic Pattern Intake (1 Hour).
Me: I’ll be designing your new brand and communicating with the team about logistics.
You: From our work today, you will be re-working on refining your new "website content workbook" (30 min - 2 hours). Submit first draft by Midnight.


You: Spend 10 min reviewing the Thrive training video and email us questions on any training needed for new features and expansion possibilities. Get your massage or do some other amazing self care today! Relax into knowing that someone else is helping you do everything that needs to get done (90 Minutes)!
Team: Uploading all your content, and putting online structures in place. A fully automated, fully functional, first draft of your web ready site to you. Today.


You: By 10am review the mockup, and making a list of things you'd like tweaked (15-25 minutes).
Together: Making changes together, answer any Thrive/WordPress/MailingList training questions.
Me: Working on your UpBrand Energetic Clearing and Meditation Audio. Shifting energy patterns, sending you a loving video sharing your shifts.
(Optional 1) You: Create an Outline for your follow up Video Content series (max 1 hour).


You: Listen to UpBrand Energetic Clearing and Meditation Audio (20 minutes).
(Optional 1) You: Write, Video, and do whatever needs to be done to create as much of your online follow up series as possible. Get it DONE. Get it to the Flow.

Together: Get Clear on Future Strategy. 6 Month Strategy. Plan it out. Now.
Who are your Hubs? How do you communicate? Co-collaborate on Facebook Strategy, schedule Buffer for a week or more. Re-posting, and it's benefits.
Co-Creating promo material on Pablo. Introduced to the team (45 minutes)!

Team: Cleaning up any last minute changes of course. Make it So, Capitan.


Together: Talking about your shifts, insights, and wins from this experience. Creating Testimonials, and reviewing the Loyalty Program. Review how uploading content and further support work can be completed (30 minutes).

The Next Wednesday (or some other time that works for us both beautifully), we unveil the new site, with a mini launch party on FB! Live or semi buffered. Your choice! Celebrating our week long journey together!!!

And we are complete in our experience of the week together. Whatever may pass after that, may pass. We do not know yet (though we will have likely planned it out for highest success for all)!

Yes, I like to work fast and fantastically! 🙂

We also provide 1 month access to our “Monthly Care Packages” which allow you to make use of our team to make any updates as you continue to unfold over the next month.

Birth Your Brand 1 Week Intensive Core Package $888

I will upgrade your existing logo, integrate it with your colour scheme and place it beautifully into the perfect layout for you, so that your site is clean, classy, and feels like you’ve got it together! It’s Magical!

• Upgraded version of your logo in a customized professional Studiopress WordPress theme (Value $500)
• Facebook and Website Header (Value $250)
• WordPress Installed with all the best add-ons and plugins (Value $100)
• Moving and merging your content from your old site (up to 7 pages) (Value $75)
• Your Customized Call to Action at the bottom of every page $25 (and priceless)
• Content Writing workbook (Value $285)
• Website Energetic Clearing and Video (Value $150)
• Love and support calls during the week (Value $225)

Connect Me Package $477

Imagine if staying in contact with your peeps was as easy as writing a blog, or shooting a video, uploading it, and you’re done! Poof, it goes in all directions to your mailing list and all your social media networking sites. So you’re online and sharing content on a regular basis.

• Links to your Twitter/Facebook profiles on your website 55
• Social Media Like/Tweet Buttons 55
• Facebook Comments after each post 55
• Auto Post to your FB, Twitter etc 55
• Auto Post to your FB, Twitter etc 55

Business Card Upgrade - $333

A great business card makes you memorable, professional, and offers a great call to action to your clients so they know what to DO next to connect with you.

• Money Magnet Business Card Workbook (Value $57)
• Business Card Design (Value $300)
• Business Card Printing – 500 double sided, gloss colour cards (Value $60)
• Delivered to your door (Value $30)

Price range is from $888 to $2000 depending on what you're wanting to have done. Most people go for the Core Package $888, plus social media $477 and new Business cards $333. Which totals $1798, or $1365 without the business cards.

I collect a non refundable deposit of $333 to secure your spot, and the remainder is due the Monday we start your site. If you want a payment plan it’s $299/month for 6 months.

We always start on Monday, and I work with one client a week, so you get my full attention during the transition.

When you ready to go, you’ll be asked to secure your spot with the deposit, and the next step is to provide everything you need in the PreBirth Package. Then we will book our connection conversations for the week!

Any questions??? Please let me know, and I'll answer them.

Much Love! And congrats on opening this door!

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