Carla Bolen Anderson – Savita Ayurveda

I approached Elena and Evolving Humanity by Design because I wanted to launch my small company at a trade fair in Calgary, but I had no promotional material, except home made posters, which did not look very professional. Elena and Evolving Humanity by Design was highly recommended to me by the trade fair organizers.

She helped me by guiding me through a process of articulating my business goals, my target audience and much more, things I had never thought about with regard to using my training at the Chopra Center as an actual business.

The result was two-fold: first, she developed amazing, professional looking display materials for the trade fair, which were truly eye catching; and second, she got me thinking like a business owner.

One thing I liked was their ability to take my semi-formed ideas and translate them into meaningful promotional pieces.

I found the experience enlightening and fun. Elena was very easy to work with, and she has been very patient with me as I slowly roll out different aspects of my company's presence, such as email lists and my web page.

I would recommend Evolving Humanity by Design to people who need expert advice and assistance in developing their business's profile, and promotional material.

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