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Each of our clients helps to make the world a better place in their own unique way…

Dance The World with Roxanne

roxanne - dance the world
roxanne - dance the world

roxanne – dance the world

OH MY GOD!!! I LOVELOVELOVE IT! I wasn’t sure about the idea of having my headshot on there but it’s perfect! You are AMAZING!

thank you thank you thank you thank you!
xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox – Roxanne

DreamWeaver Magic

dreamweaver magic
dreamweaver magic

dreamweaver magic

The Logo is amazing ! We love it … It’s a keeper 🙂 Also very happy with site. Thankyou for your patience and we are so grateful to you! – Shirley

dreamweaver magic

dreamweaver magic

SoulClarity – Carolyn Tryhurn

soul clarity carolyn tryhurn

I’d like to share with you my newest client.  The beautiful and talented Carolyn.  Carolyn is a Hypnotherapist, Angel Therapist, and the getting people unstuck goddess.  She offers people powerful, deep and transformation hypnosis sessions, allowing them to get in touch with he angels, and get clear (often in just one session) about where they are going, and unstuckify them in relation to whatever issue they were seeking help with.  WOW.. Carolyn struck me as a confident, clear and to the point business woman, and when she said she did Spiritual Hypnosis, I was surprised! 🙂 Carolyn is also my very first Birth Your Brand (in a1 week!) client, and it was amazing to see how well we both worked under that timeline! is her new site, please go check it out!


 This is what Carolyn had to say about ME!  I’m so honored!!

Evolving Humanity, personified as the talented & magical Elena really opened my eyes to the power of brilliant web design. In fact, the first mock-ups Elena provided of my new website stunned me so much that I wondered if I could actually live up to that level of “amazing”. In short, I felt the website was too good for me (a wee self-esteem crisis), and Elena very lovingly nurtured me back into wholeness. Not only did I get a truly insightful web designer, I got a great friend who helped me step into my own power. All I signed up for was web design, and Elena helped me clarify my vision, identify my ideal client, and formulate my ideas so that I could turn them into reality! Plus, she’s chock full of great marketing ideas, techniques and advice that helped me (and the website) SHINE! Oh yeah, it was lots of FUN too!
Much gratitude and love!

Awakened Consciousness Shift – Catrice M Jackson

Catrice Jackson awakened consciousness shift

This looks Fabulous! Elena, wow you’ve done a great job! I like the flowers and the green and pink border.  I love the diversity of women! Thanks for the work you put into this. I think this looks great! Thanks so much I have added it to the ACS page already and will be officially unveiling it soon. Love and appreciate you. – Catrice

Catrice Jackson awakened consciousness shift

Catrice Jackson awakened consciousness shift

Mental Health Telesummit

mental health telesumit neseret

Thank you!
I will be coming back to you soon for other things… Very Happy customer.  I sense there is a lot more to you than the graphic design…You have a very beautiful spirit. I’ve felt that from the moment I landed on your site. There is a lot of LOVE and compassion in you.

I’m feel truly blessed to know you and all that other AWESOME ladies.  Truly privileged.  – Neseret

mental health telesumit neseret

mental health telesumit neseret

Guided Healing Works


Tania’s Beautiful New site and Business cards help her shine her brightest, and move her business towards the place she wants to be!


Fun things of Note we did:

  • Beautiful use of her existing logo into a new web design
  • Integration of existing Booking system into contact page and sidebar
  • Contact Page autoresponder features emails with her different intake forms
  • E-Commerce – Create store with an item for every service avalaiable on the pricing page.
  • Link Facebook Page

Julie Hodge – Inside Out Fitness

inside out fitness julie hodge

A SHOUT OUT TO Evolving Humanity by Design and the lovely, spunky, truly unique Elena Harder who did create a branding/logo design for me that expresses the flow, energy and feeling I wanted it to.
Elena brought to life the vision I had for my logo… I personally recommend her if you need any design work 🙂

– Julie

Inside Out Fitness



Angela May – Money Goddess

angela may money goddess

Angela May Money Goddess Logo“Before working with Elena, I was frustrated with designers not being able to “get it right” Elena has a unique intuitive process where she can literally create an image that is a true reflection of the heart and soul of your business – without you needing to even know what that is. She is a true artist in every sense of the word and is highly recommended.”


Angela May

KI 2rd – IT Recruiting

KI2rd recruiting kevin ireland
KI2rd recruiting kevin ireland

KI2rd recruiting kevin ireland

“I really liked the fact you were able to take what little I gave you and still come up with something that I felt really represnted myself and what I what I want to do with my company.  You made it easy for me to get done what I wanted to and the end product is easy to use.” – Kevin