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Here is a comprehensive collection of the sites I have been a part of building.

Julie Hodge – Inside Out Fitness

inside out fitness julie hodge

A SHOUT OUT TO Love Pixel by Design and the lovely, spunky, truly unique Elena Harder who did create a branding/logo design for me that expresses the flow, energy and feeling I wanted it to.
Elena brought to life the vision I had for my logo… I personally recommend her if you need any design work 🙂

– Julie

Inside Out Fitness



Angela May – Money Goddess

angela may money goddess

Angela May Money Goddess Logo“Before working with Elena, I was frustrated with designers not being able to “get it right” Elena has a unique intuitive process where she can literally create an image that is a true reflection of the heart and soul of your business – without you needing to even know what that is. She is a true artist in every sense of the word and is highly recommended.”


Angela May

KI 2rd – IT Recruiting

KI2rd recruiting kevin ireland
KI2rd recruiting kevin ireland

KI2rd recruiting kevin ireland

“I really liked the fact you were able to take what little I gave you and still come up with something that I felt really represnted myself and what I what I want to do with my company.  You made it easy for me to get done what I wanted to and the end product is easy to use.” – Kevin


Soul Harvest Healing

riun ashlee
riun ashlee

riun ashlee

Upon recommendation from a friend I had the recent pleasure of meeting and working with Elena.  Sharp, quick, engaged, direct and super efficient – are the “first come to mind thoughts” BUT more importantly she has a quality of presence I felt was connecting with me to thread “me” and my vision onto my site.  Big energy – beautiful presence, – thank you Elena!

– Riun


The Art of Nadine Shenher


Wow Elena, you are a true gift and just walked easily and naturally into my life! Divine Timing! Within literally 2-5min, I knew you were the One to do my website. Thank you with my whole Heart in making this possible and with such beautiful fashion!  You totally have captured my taste..  You absolutely come highly recommended! 🙂





Human Manual

Human Manual

Wow, Elena… This is beautiful! 🙂  Your right… it was in my mind. I’m shocked!   I love that fibonacci ratio drawing, always have. Color, perfect!  You’re better than good 😉


Spirituality Speaking


logo img only

“Upon looking closer, you managed to get some stuff in there we had not even talked about!    I can’t wait to get it up & going, business cards made, and posters and thank you cards and I can’t even think of all the places that I will be using your work…..


I had heard that you were good, somewhere along the way a time or two… But I had not expected it to be perfect the first time round! wow!! ”


— Crystal Babcook

Unleashing Grace

Elena is brilliant at what she does.
She has the capacity to tune into you and what you are wanting to create and make it tangible.She is multitalented wizard who is delightful and easy going.
She makes work into play.
Her passion is contagious.
She has a way of making everything seem easy.
Her ability to create graphics that depict the essence of a product is first class

-Susan Collip