SoulClarity – Carolyn Tryhurn

soul clarity carolyn tryhurn

I’d like to share with you my newest client.  The beautiful and talented Carolyn.  Carolyn is a Hypnotherapist, Angel Therapist, and the getting people unstuck goddess.  She offers people powerful, deep and transformation hypnosis sessions, allowing them to get in touch with he angels, and get clear (often in just one session) about where they are going, and unstuckify them in relation to whatever issue they were seeking help with.  WOW.. Carolyn struck me as a confident, clear and to the point business woman, and when she said she did Spiritual Hypnosis, I was surprised! 🙂 Carolyn is also my very first Birth Your Brand (in a1 week!) client, and it was amazing to see how well we both worked under that timeline! is her new site, please go check it out!


 This is what Carolyn had to say about ME!  I’m so honored!!

Evolving Humanity, personified as the talented & magical Elena really opened my eyes to the power of brilliant web design. In fact, the first mock-ups Elena provided of my new website stunned me so much that I wondered if I could actually live up to that level of “amazing”. In short, I felt the website was too good for me (a wee self-esteem crisis), and Elena very lovingly nurtured me back into wholeness. Not only did I get a truly insightful web designer, I got a great friend who helped me step into my own power. All I signed up for was web design, and Elena helped me clarify my vision, identify my ideal client, and formulate my ideas so that I could turn them into reality! Plus, she’s chock full of great marketing ideas, techniques and advice that helped me (and the website) SHINE! Oh yeah, it was lots of FUN too!
Much gratitude and love!