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Terri Salmond-Watson – Goddess of Growth

"I contacted you originally to do a branding of myself as ai loved what I had seen of your work.
Every time I saw you, you were so out spoken and confident and I knew I needed that in myself.

I LOVED (as I still have every email) that you always were boosting me up! I could feel your excitement in the emails.

I am NOT good with daily plans, as well as the steps to get things done. You sent an email in exactly when you wanted me to do things and by when. You gave me the baby steps that I needed to be successful. In plain jot form but that is exactly how I work.

There was so much excitement and also tears in my emails. With the way you set things up with tasks and deadlines you made me feel like I could actually be successful with my business.

I know is I can spend 4hrs just trying to change information on a page it was worth the value in how beautiful it turned out for me. "  Terri Salmond-Watson

Sonja Shradha Devi

Thank you so much! Our work together helped me take my site from overflowing and confused, to a streamlined system to help women get the transformation they are looking for, while making my life more simple, streamlined, and my message more powerful. Thank you for all the work you have done! Thank you thank you. For being in my camp, for being my sister and the dynamic tech Shakti I SO need in my life..   ~ Sonja Shradha Devi

Medical Mercy Canada

I approached Elena and Evolving Humanity by Design because …. When I met her we had a wonderful conversation about heart centred businesses and I could feel the passion behind her desire to support through her artistic abilities.

She helped me by …. Being willing to work with the core values of our organization to portray in a new logo and banner which supported our overall branding. 

The result was …. We now have a beautiful logo that we are proud of and represents our values and mission well. It supports our brand. 

One thing I liked was ….She also helped by being very flexible and being willing to take feedback so that the logo truly felt as if it was co-created by both her and our organization

I would recommend that you could be better by doing... ensuring that the technical skills and formats are in line with what businesses need. The artwork itself is beautiful.

A highlight of working together was.. Alena is deeply intuitive and able to translate that into beautiful imagery. 

Old Logo

New Logo

Rachel Joy Olsen – Juice Plus Lifestyle Program

When I contacted Elena, it was with a time sensitive project request. I was in URGENT mode. I was in need of a banner and postcards for a fast approaching one-day event. She replied promptly and communicated clearly that she could accommodate my time line. And from there our work together flowed.

It’s like Elena has a sixth sense for understanding what the client –this client wants and needs. The first proof of the banner needed no changes. She nailed in on the first attempt. She made a recommendation for bookmarks as opposed to postcards which was/is a great idea and again she accomplished this piece on the first attempt. I am over the top happy with both the process and end result. I also asked her to update my business cards. Again, it was effortless. Elena has provided me with gorgeous promotional materials that represent me, my company and vision.

I would highly recommend Elena Harder, Gorgeous Graphics Gal, who will Translate your Vision into Gorgeous Marketing in a timely, seamless, professional and personable way.

Business Card

Facebook Featured Image

Stand Up Banner

Hearts Awakening

I had brunch with Elena one morning to catch up and deepen our connection and at some point in our conversation expressed to her my frustrations with our current web designer. How we were really eager to get a website soon as we had some big events coming up and wanted to be able to have a website to direct people to on time for them. Elena said she could help me get something together on short notice and within our budget. I was quite impressed at how fast her and her team responded to our needs and created something functional for us to use. Elena has alot of love and compassion towards everything she puts her energy into and her and her team were quite patient with us as we attempted to translate our vision into a reality. I was very impressed with how fast they answered our questions and there help in explaining how to work our email as I am quite illiterate when it comes to these things.
In Gratitude
I would highly recommend Elena and her team to anyone looking for quality work.


I had been cultivating my healing arts practice for many years. I felt that my practice began to integrate and was ready for me to share with more that just word of mouth. I first knew Elena personally as a friend. She has always been honest, caring, creative, and loving in all the personal interactions I have had with her. When I found out that about the work she does I knew she was the person I wanted to help me with getting my message out to the public. I am very thankful that I followed my intuition! Elena and Evolving Humanity by Design has been incredible from the initial interviewing process, through the creative process and technical completion. Every aspect of the process was conducted with full on loving support, prompt/timely management of all the tasks, and complete prowess to all the aspects to supporting success. What impresses me is how she has been able to integrate the yin/yang-masculine/feminine aspects of this process with such ease and love. Thank you Elena and to your staff for your help and guidance. It has been a wonderful experience and look forward to more endeavors in the future.

Ricardo Moreno

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