You've been dreaming 
 about living life the way
you IMAGINED it would be
when you said YES
to creating your
Destiny Business.

Now it is time to live it.  For Real. ​

You're a change agent, a workshop leader, a coach, a visionary.

You've stepped into your soul purpose business you LOVE it. It gives meaning to your life, and the deep and powerful work of helping others change their lives in leaps and bounds thrills you beyond compare. There's nothing like it, and it's what you live for. Your Destiny, your Dharma, your path, and your life's work. It's why you came to be on earth in this time and place. And you are freaking AMAZING at it (and humble too, wow).

We're a different kind of web design company. We offer a wide range of traditional web services, as well as coaching, personal development, and a ton of LOVE to support you in bringing your gift to the world. 

You know that what you teach is life changing.
Your clients rave about your work, and you're already pretty savvy
with the ins and outs of your website, newsletter, social media and business.

After all, you've gotten this far on your own. 

You're committed, to making your business the best it can be. To improving yourself, and serving the people in your Tribe.  

And...the business journey hasn't been ALL sunshine and roses.
There are days that you don't want to get out of bed, when client phone calls are the last thing in your mind, or the launch has left you with adrenal fatigue, and you're ​too tired to do ANYTHING.  

So like the visionary you are,
                             you've been dreaming...

Dreaming about life on a beach, creating new programs, with money still rolling in.
Dreaming about the people whose lives will change from your new online group coaching program.  Dreaming of really leveraging your expertise with your course online and hitting that $200,000+ a year.

You've been dreaming of hosting retreats in tropical sunny places, and the joy on their faces when they see the EPIC hotel you'll be spending the week at together (and the week you'll spend there after they've left downloading the content for your NEXT brilliant program).

You've been dreaming of getting out from behind your laptop, and spending more time with your family, friends, pets and kids.

You've been dreaming about taking a whole week off every month to do nothing.  NO to do list, no "oh but I'll just answer this email quickly", no nagging guilt that you're forgetting something.

Nothing... but your yoga mat, a great book, the sound of the waves, and a clear conscience, knowing your clients are totally taken care of.

Now it is time to live it.  For Real. ​

Because you've got most of it in place. You've done the heavy lifting of becoming an expert, putting together your program, building your list, creating your following, and running your workshops.  

Maybe you're not making quite as much cash as you want to,
Maybe you're working a little too much,
Or every time you open up your wordpress site it drains you of the energy you had.  
Maybe you need 5 more people at your live workshop to make it REALLY profitable.  
Or you've done everything you can think of to fix it, but at the end of the day your conversion rates suck.

We are here to help.  

​Evolving Humanity by Design is a web design company with a difference.  We've been working exclusively with conscious businesses since we opened our doors in 2009. Our staff is deeply interested and involved in personal development, meditation, yoga and the evolution of consciousness that is happening on the planet right now. We are dedicated to helping you reach the millions you came here to serve, and take your business to a world class level. AND to living the lifestyle and abundant wealth that you deserve for your amazing contribution. That's the dream, and we love helping our clients live it. 

Unique Perks of Working With Us

Web Wizardry

Inner Inquiry

Unforgettable Unicorn

Mobile Responsive

More than 50% of website views happen on mobile devices. All of our sites are optimized for mobile viewing. iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, TV.  We got it. 

Evolving Relationships

You're always growing. So are we. Through the process of working together, you WILL be challenged. We'll do our best to call you on your patterns, and help you grow as a person, and a leader. 

Gorgeous Graphics

We believe that great marketing should not just convert well, it should be stunning.  Jaw-dropping. Tear-jerking, and memorable. Most of all, it should be UNIQUE to you, and celebrate the things that make your gift so special. 

Marketing Savvy

With marketing and tech trends changing weekly, we help our clients stay up to date what REALLY works. We use research based, and stat proven methods from industry leaders to get your content noticed, engaged, and shared. 

Super Happy Positive People

Yea.  We live in a pure positive field.  There is always a silver lining, and we will find it as soon as possible. We also have a huge repertoire of Entrepreneurial Funk Busting Rituals. If you don't like happy people, you're in the WRONG place. Bye.   😉

Traveling Transformation

You love beaches? We love beaches!!! We host yearly retreats at our favorite beach, where you get to Mastermind with our other AMAZING clients. Creating new partnerships, memories, friendships, and brilliant business. Whales, zip lining, surfing and yoga, oh my! 

Advanced Sales Funnels

Shopping cart, mailing lists, memberships programs, online programs, social media campaigns,  eBooks, automated follow up systems. We love it. 

Magnetic Messaging

The thing that REALLY attracts your clients is your energy. So we help you keep aligned, and work on increasing your personal magnetism. (Check out the Magnetic Manifestation Mini Course)

Fast and Efficient

Web designers are famous for going over budget and over deadline. We promise when you get your stuff to us on time, we'll do the same. We've created systems to streamline all the processes, and we love to share them.  

Full Tech Support 

We have a team of nerds that want to integrate your _______ with your __________. We can create it. Tech guy not answering your calls? Something crashed? 

We Love You

Really. When we meet up in person there are always hugs, laughter, sometimes even cuddles. We send love letters, and often become friends with clients. We like being a different kind of web design company. 

Remember the Illusion

We create our own realities. We live in the Matrix, Maya, and Illusion. Your next big breakthrough is just around the corner. And we'll remind you, when you get too caught in your pattern, that it's all in your head.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.     

- Marianne Williamson

Meet Our Founder

Elena Harder =  Maverick + Artist + Wayseer 

​Hi, My name is Elena Harder, and I'm the founder and Gorgeous Graphics Gal at Evolving Humanity.

I pride myself on being courageously dedicated to self-improvement for myself, and the planet.
I am unabashed in my expression of emotion. I am persistent, I am dedicated, I am unstoppable, I am unique, I am creative. I am a unicorn! I am a free spirit, an innovator, a revolutionary.
I am Evolving Humanity.

I've been an entrepreneur since 2009. I was pregnant, depressed and stuck between a rock and a very hard place, I looked at my life and said to myself... "shit, no one's going to hire an 8-month pregnant woman, what am I going to do?" I looked at my skill set, found a networking event to go to, and told people I was a web designer. I met my first client, and learned everything I needed to know along the way.

I had no idea how much this moment would shape my life for the years to come. It's been quite a ride, and most days I'm in awe at the life I'm living now. Best part is it ain't over yet!!! (Read on if you dare)

The Life of your Dreams
is Closer than you Think

For already successful coaches, the journey from  Overwhelm to "Dream Life on the Beach" is a lot shorter than you think it is.  
Get a few systems in place, work them like you know you can, and get out of your own way.  

You deserve it, you've been asking for it, and the time is now. 
We are here to hold your hand, as you take the final steps to REALLY live the dream.    

Click the button above for 30 minutes FREE with Elena,
ask the technical, or personal questions about what you need to change to get your Butt on the Beach.

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