JoyGasm Manifestation Phase 1 – Gratitude & Gasm

Hello and Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Welcome to the Joygasm Manifestation Group, and the JoyGasmic Path of Business!!

This is a sacred portal of transformation for you and your life. We will be harnessing the energy of pure positive emotion, for the creation and alignment with our biggest and greatest dreams for ourselves.
A couple of things you’ll need to do to get the most out of this experience.

  • Join the Facebook Group and introduce yourself with your name, and share your homework and your major intention for the 4 weeks.
  • Fill out your Life Inventory, Dear Santa and 3 Strategic Actions homework. (right click to save, they are also available later on this page)
  • From your above homework, choose your “Major Intention” and make sure you’ve shared it with the group (or with me privately, if you’re shy about it)
  • Set an alarm in your phone to remind you when it is 7:11 am MST daily for the next 2 weeks, so you can tune into the daily JoyFULL Broadcast which will be live on this page daily.
  • Remember to breathe and smile!

Today is one of the biggest days, because we are getting setup. After this it will just be your daily 2 minute practice, watch the JoyFULL Broadcast, and check in with the group on Facebook with your wins.

A Word on Gratitude

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Your Homework Video

Bonus Integration Tip

You’ll be getting 4 emails over the next 4 weeks, with short intro video and then a 2 minute homework assignment which you will complete every day. What I recommend doing is simply switch out one assignment for the next one, this way you don’t overload yourself with awesomness (it happens) it’s true.

If you are feeling HARDCORE: you can stack the assignments (aka start with 1 two minute practice, and then ADD the other ones, so by the end of 4 weeks you are doing 4x2min practices. That is totally up to you.

The 4 assignments will each be themed:

  1. Gratitude & Gasm (Today)
  2. Action & Allowing (7 days from now)
  3. Surrender and Sexuality (14 days from now)
  4. Manifestation and Money (21 days from now)

Once we are complete with the 4 weeks, you will get the Extention email, where you will check in and see what has changed since we started, celebrate yourself, remind yourself what have you created, give me feedback on the experience, and start getting the JoyGasmic Path of Business community emails with weekly assignments.

That’s all for today folks. The first day is tons, but after that it gets easier.
Lots of Love

Your Homework, print, fill out, and share with the group the following:

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