Break Free From Emotional Eating.
Stop the Insanity.


Food is a big deal.  There are thousands of experts, from health gurus, nutritionists, your mom, and your neighbour, all with the "next best thing to help you loose 10 lbs"   It seems impossible to choose the "right things".

Maybe you've jumped on the bandwagon and cut the processed foods, wheat, dairy, fats or carbs out of your diet already.  Some days it takes superhuman strength to make the "right choices" at the restaurant or the grocery store.  

But then you slip,  the spoon scrapes the bottom of that carton,  and while your snack was gluten free, nut free, vegan AND organic… You are still facing the fact that you just ate an ENTIRE tub of ice cream.

As women (and a rising number of men) we need help to combat the insanity of emotional eating.

Each time we stuff food into our bodies, we give our power away to food, we are creating separation within ourselves. 

Not only that but when you start to tackle your emotional eating head on, you are gaining access to a powerful and effective way of accelerating your personal awakening by raising your confidence and connecting with more of YOU.


Does This Sound Like You?


You Can't Help Yourself...

You've felt the constant struggle of emotional eating? Resisting and trying not to, and then giving in and having "just one"  and then sneaking "just one more" until the whole bag is gone.


You're doing everything else right... 

You've taken the advice of your friends, family members or experts giving advice on what to eat and how to exercise.  But still find yourself overeating your healthy foods.  

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling confident, and being free from the habits that have been keeping you stuck!


You Don't Want to Deprive Yourself

Maybe you've tried it yourself, and slid back into old patterns, or seen friends and family on restrictive diets,  not getting the results they want.  

What if you could find a solution that would help you stop emotional eating without feeling like you're depriving yourself?


You See that Food is Holding You Back

In so many areas of your life, you know you have more potential, and yet your food, your emotional eating, or your weight are holding you back from showing up the way you really want to. 

Imagine waking up in the morning excited about breakfast,  feeling confident in your choices, and being free from the habits that have been keeping you stuck!

I remember a time when I felt totally stuck. I overate, binge ate, and hated myself for not sticking to my diet. 

I know what it's like.   I struggled with self image, I was never the right weight, I was diagnosed with anorexia, bulimia, and my weight was a constant source of self criticism.  

I often felt there was no way out of this, and just wanted to find HELP!

No matter how much I tried, I seemed to continually fall back into patterns of using food for comfort.

I felt frustrated…and worse yet, I felt confused and lost.

I couldn’t see food as fuel.

I could only feel the terrible nature of my love–hate relationship with food, myself and my body!

I knew I had to make changes yet didn’t know where to turn.

I tried it all, I bought the instant smoothies, tried restrictive diets, talk to my doctor, listened to the latest fad, I tried all of it.

Yet it wasn't until I took the profound yet simple actions that I share in this program that I was able to start to love myself and my body.

It was then that I started to experience a deeper connection to myself, instead of always looking for the solution in food!

Today my weight is stable, and my body looks the way I've always wanted.  My days of bulimia are long past, I can got to a buffet and choose the things that I feel will nourish me. I can see a salad or a desert tray without wailing inside, or stuffing my face.  Best of all, I now really feel that I value myself and I can eat however I want without worrying about judgement, inside or out.

Get instant access to Food and You now!

Break free from the binge, let go of low self-esteem and transform yourself into the magnificent, self-empowered person you are meant to be.

What our customers are saying:

I know I can come back to these practices.

I just completed her 21 day Food and You email program and I loved it. I've struggled for many years and if I feel myself slipping or having an off day, I know I can come back to these practices and remind myself of the tools I can use to stay strong.

What a great way to take time for myself

Wow!! This program really helped me to get centered in so many avenues of my life.  What a great way to take time for myself and make important changes too.  Thank you Jodi!

What would life be like,
if you let food love you? 

Are you really ready for this kind of transformation?  
Are you ready to finally come into love of your food, yourself and your body?  

Many people are scared to admit that they don't love themselves, or that they have a problem.  The awesome news is that you don’t have to go through years of trying different things to achieve the results like I did. You can experience that freedom from your emotional eating in a very brief time.

Food & You was developed to change your life by liberating you from emotional eating, interrupting patterns and creating more awareness around your relationship to yourself, and to food. 

Food & You : Stop the Insanity!

  • Would you like to break free from emotional eating? 
  • Be empowered with profound yet simple tools to change your habits around food?
  • Stop the insanity of binging and purging, or overeating and being overweight?  
  • To find the root cause of the troubles that cause you to overeat?
  • and connect more deeply with YOURSELF?

Looking at the things I did over the years that worked best for myself and my clients, I designed  “Food & You” to transform you effortlessly.

This dynamic 21 day program will help you transform guilt & helplessness into confidence and success.  Most people experience a noticeable shift in their mindset in a matter of days, and profound transformation by the end of the 21 days.

Jodi Burke 
//  Photographer, Coach, Food Lover

I am dedicated to empowering women and promoting radical self love. I struggled for years with body image and disordered eating, I feel a deep personal call to shatter society’s narrative about women’s bodies. I am here to help women break free of negative thinking and self doubt and create a higher consciousness around food, energy, and the incredible power of fully inhabiting your own body.

I live for the thrill of new experiences, and have had many roles– from Waitress to Banker, Photographer, Holistic Massage Specialist, EFT Coach, Raw Foods Chef, Yoga Teacher to green foods promoter. Each of these paths have led me to a place where I can channel my energy into creative expression and inspiration.

Jodi Burke




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Jodi Burke

The Best Time to Start a New Relationship With Food is Now!

Break free from the binge, let go of low self-esteem and transform yourself into the magnificent, self-empowered person you are meant to be.

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