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(So you can live your JoyGasmic Life and get your Yoga Butt to the beach!!) 

What You’ll Get When You Join Us Today:

  1. Access to the 4 Week JoyGasm Manifestation Group eCourse ($147 Value) Giving you the powerful key practices to transform your life in just 2 minutes a day. 
  2. Ongoing weekly step by step instruction videos on your homework assignment (2 minutes) and your inner inquiry. That will help you continue to uplevel in the 4 most crucial areas of your life Relationships, Money, Health and Spirituality
  3. Access to a our online Facebook community that is EMBODYING the evolution.  A container in which in self love, self care, showing up in the world, vulnerability, and owning your greatness is encouraged, and respected above all else., 

As a Change Agent, you know what you need to do to stay on top of your game.  You have a toolkit of amazing tools to get you back on the positive spiral.  AND.. you often forget to use them. You forget your divine nature, and you end up behaving not much better than the average person when faced with crisis.  

That hurts.  Because you're supposed to be a leader, a healer, an inspiration to those around you.   And yet.... And yet... 

If you've ever suffered from entrepreneurial depression, "the blahs", a desire to do NOTHING, quit your dream, and lay around on the couch for hours a day watching your favorite guilty pleasure show, while eating something less than high vibe. 

We want you to know we've all been there.
The question is, how long will you STAY there?

Just 1 year ago, my life was a lie.  People thought I was happy, because I put on a good face.  But on the inside I lived a nightmare.  I was working a day job I hated, totally off path, and scraping by month to month.   I was often paralyzed by self doubt, held tight to a secret constant self loathing, and although I had big dreams, I would constantly self sabotage to the point of not returning emails from people who wanted to work with me for months on end.

I want to tell you this, because I've lived the life, completely disconnected from my purpose, depressed and alone.  

There is hope.

Elena Harder
Founder of

Let me tell you a little bit about my experience.  3 years ago, this crazy thing JoyGasm came to me when I was in the 6th breakup with my crazy alcoholic/abusive/enabling relationship.  My heart was broken, my business bankrupt for the 4th time in 4 years, my spirit destroyed, I had no hope, no community, and I wanted to die.  If it hadn't been for the responsibility of my (then 2 year old) son, I may have decided that that was it, and offed myself.  Believe me, I thought about it.

My heart called and yearned and screamed to the divine for something to fill me.  To save me from the agony that I lived in every single day.  One afternoon in a crying meditation, I asked one more time, for delivery from this feeling.  I was given a simple answer of what to do with my body, and while I continued to cry, I listened, and held the pose.  

Within 2 minutes I went from crying to having a completely divinely connected and loving orgasmic experience.  I was one with Christ consciousness, connected to him on the cross.  The agony of esctacy, the unknowing of how or why this was my path.  I was completely connected and blissful in my body.   I didn't know what to make of it, but I knew I loved it and wanted more.

At this time in my life I was still incredibly caught up in the experience of being depressed.  But the JoyGasm gave me enough to hang on to, to know that there was hope.  Over the next 6 months, I created a system for myself with it, allowing myself joy in 2 minute bits here and there.  

I slowly but surely weened myself off
of abuse and despair, and began living a life of joy.

I knew I was onto something, and I wanted to share.  I discovered that I had the ability to share this experience directly with others, through a series of movements, and exercises.  That I could convey this experience to them, and they could feel what I felt.  

I put together a group of people who were brave enough to play with me, and we committed to 2 weeks of 15 minute a day practices.  

Within 2 weeks of doing our first JoyGasm Manifesation Group I had manifested the man of my dreams.  

The next one, I quit my day job, signed up more $$ in clients than I had made the year before, and knew with utmost certainty I would never work a Job Job ever again.  

And with the third one, I committed to spending the winter in Mexico, and then I freaking DID it. 

For the last 6 months, I have been refining the process, and downloading the next series of assignments and the structure that will create the MOST impact for people as they work through this powerful integration of JoyGasmic energy into their lives.  

It is time to live your Destiny, get out of your own way, and stay on the leading edge for a fantastic ride.  

The path is right here in front of you.

If you've already done the Self Love Experiment, you know the power of a short and focused practice.  That first practice is only 30 seconds from start to finish, and we start with that, because it is a length of time you CAN talk yourself into it when you're in a funk or super depressed, and don't want to do anything. 

This next phase, is a longer, in depth 2 minute practice, of reaching and anchoring high vibration states, and experiencing the benefit of creation, alignment and bliss that brings to your life.  

We want you on our team. 

What You’ll Get When You Join Us Today:

  • JoyGasm Manifestation Mastermind 6 Week Quick Start
  • A breakdown of the science and spirituality behind these techniques
  • New Experiments every week, that focus on bringing you higher in the areas of Health, Wealth, Love and Spirituality
  • A changing daily 2 minute practice that helps anchor in HIGH level vibrations of Abundance, True Love, Orgasm, and Vibrant Health into your body. 
  • A weekly check in, and 20 minute inner inquiry, to help you really delve deep into why you are ready to create exactly what you desire (or what's stopping you)
  • Priority access and discounts on any and all products that the JoyGasm community launches between now and forever
  • Giggles, Laughter, and Fun along with the videos (people can't put them down)
  • Access to the private Facebook Page where people share their wins in this and other Experiements

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