Magnetic Message – Where Are You Going? Your Destiny!!

Do you know where you are going?  A clear vision of the BIG Picture, will give you something to ANCHOR into when you're feeling shaky on your path (we all do, no matter how far we've come)  Much Love to you in this one! e


Your Business Vision

Current Situation

What’s going on with your business situation right now?
What’s happening with your current website? What’s not working? what’s working?
How are things going with your current/past web designer?
What’s do you have planned in your business?


What do you want to achieve in your business in the next year
What’s the bigger picture of your business,
What are the sales goals you are trying to reach
What would be great with respect to your website
What do you want your website to do for your business
How do you want your website to help you grow

Personal Goals

Those sound like great goals, What would all this do for you personally?
I like your goals, what would accomplishing them do in the bigger picture?
What would be the best part of accomplishing these goals?

Sabotage and Pains

Think of a time when you were excited about working on your business, and then got stopped/stalled/something big happened to stop you from taking action.
What was that thing that happened?
How did you respond?
What was the final solution? (How did you get untstuck?)
What stresses you out the most in your business?
What are your top pains with your site? updating it? keeping it up?
What’s the hardest thing about your current path?
Why hasn’t anything been done about it yet??

Aligning with your Destiny.

Your Destiny is a combination of all the things you’ve done, and all the things you will do. It is your path. Understanding your story, and life path is crucial in finding the courage to follow your destiny, it gives strength to your dedication to the path when things get tough.

Current Talents and Skills

What are your talents? (art, belly dancing, etc)
What are your skills? (jobs you’ve had, things you learned in school, on the job, etc)

Past Life History

Tell me your life experience so far – with clients, with relationships, with parents, with your SOUL
Primary Relationships:
Your Destiny:

FUTURE Talents and Skills

In envisioning your perfect ideal life, which of your talents do you need to really focus on and harness?
And which skills do you need to develop further?


What is the story of your life that you want to create?
Primary Relationships:
Your Destiny:

Wrapping this up into ONE COHESIVE BRAND:

Go back through the above documents and highlight anything that is really CRUCIAL to understanding your path.


What does that word mean to you?

Package Creation

To be completed with Elena.
What are your resonant numbers:
What are the resonant prices:
What are the resonant dates:
What are the products that you are offering that match this frequency:
What products can you offer that could match this frequency:

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