Creating amazing Live Events happens when you know what success LOOKS like. This worksheet will help you define the statement “In order to feel successful at this event I will experience the following results…”


External Success:
People attending will have this experience

People attending will tell their friends:

The people hosting will feel:
The people hosting will tell their friends:

Sales/Conversion Goals for this speaking Gig.   Define your Minimum # for breaking even, Expected, and Over the Top

Personal and Evolutionary: Internal Success

The number 1 thing I have to do to get out of my own way to make this event a huge success is:
The thing I am already doing REALLY well, is:

The Team Members I added to my team to make this happen:
My personal experience of creating this event will feel:


After the event is done I will tell my friends:



Dreaming Big!!!

Vision 3 Major “YES this is it, it’s working, I’m doing it” moments:
In a super magical world, this one OVER THE TOP thing would happen to show me I’m on SO on my path: