Magnetic Message – Who is your Ideal Client

Watch the video, read the worksheet, then download the fillable version at the bottom, and answer these questions about YOUR OWN ideal client.  Even if you've done this before, do it again! 


The first step in creating huge success for your business, and great
marketing material is to know precisely who this buyer of yours is.

Also, make sure that your ideal client is also a PROSPECT which means they have 3 things

  • The interest/need for your service
  • The money to pay for it.
  • The ability to make the decision to buy.

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a marketer is to identify your buyer as, in the words of one multi-level marketing company, “Anyone with skin.”
You simply don’t have the advertising budget to reach “everyone with skin.”
It’s an interesting paradox that the more you “niche” and narrow your sales message, the more profitable you’ll be.
That means you must identify one individual “perfect buyer,” and write all your marketing to that person.
Will there be many buyers who don’t look anything like your perfect buyer? Of course. Your perfect buyer might be a 36-year-old woman who is frustrated with her kids, housewife life, and neglectful husband. That doesn’t mean a 52-year-old woman who doesn’t have kids, travels tons and is still single might not find your product the perfect fit, and become a great customer.
But you’ve got to visualize just one while you’re writing. If you don’t, you won’t make a connection with any of them. If you do, your writing will become more humane and more personal, and all of your readers will respond better.
Take plenty of notes as you do this, there is no such thing as TOO much in this phase. This pre-writing will make your sales and marketing copy infinitely more effective … it’s your “secret formula.”

Step 1: Create an Avatar

This is a visual representation of who your customer is. By getting clear on who they are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, you are creating the magnet to ATTRACT exactly who you want to help, who you want to work with!
Defining your Avatar will empower you to really speak to them… what are they looking for? What do they want? What do they need? When you speak them online, in written form, or in video form, we want them to say: ”oh this is for me.” “oh my gosh, he/she knows me”
You can have up to 3 potential different target markets. Take a look in the mirror… you are your own target market – brand yourself as market #1. Start with one, and work through the worksheet up to 3 times for each Avatar. If you do have multiple avatars, give them each a name, eg. “Beginner Bob”, “Ultimate Tammy”, “Fit Fred”.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Physical Description

If you were having a coffee or tea with your client, what do you see?

Are they male or female?
How old are they?
What color is their hair?
What’s their body type?
What’s their family structure? Kids? Single, married, divorced?
What’s their family life like?
What kind of house do they live in?
What is their income level?
What is their education level?
What kind of car do they drive?
How do they dress?
What does their voice sound like?


How’s their health?
How do they feel about their health?
What do they eat?
How do they feel about their weight?
How do they support their health?
What’s their favorite food?
What’s their favorite comfort food?

Work and LivelyHood

What do they do for a living?
How do they feel about what they do for a living?
What do they do for entertainment?
What do they talk about with their friends?
What kind of places do they socialize?
Where do they spend their time?
What Facebook Groups might they be a part of?
What do they watch on TV?
What kind of magazines/books/online articles do they read?


Does your Avatar have a spiritual connection?
If so, how would they describe their spirituality?

How do they talk about/to their higher power?
What kind of buzz words do they use regularly?
If spirituality is not a key to your business, what is their relationship like with themselves?
What is their connection to nature and the environment?
What is their bigger vision of themselves and the planet?
What do they read?
What is their passion in life?
Who do they trust as leaders?

Mental and Emotional

If you could get inside your Avatar’s mind, what would they be thinking?

How do they feel most of the time in their lives?
Where are they stressed?
What keeps them up at night?
What brings them joy?
What are their big desires for themselves?
What are their conscious and sub-conscious fears and worries? What is their pain?
What are their conscious and sub-conscious dreams and desires? What do they want?
What are they embarrassed to admit, even to themselves?

Now, move to how you can help your Avatar.

What does your Avatar want?

What are they looking for? What is the outcome and result they ultimately want to achieve?

Note: this is what they THINK they want, not necessary what YOU KNOW they need! There is a saying that says: “Sell them what they WANT, give them what they NEED.” Remember that you are their trusted advisor and you know what it will take to really help them!

What’s Your Value?

What does your product, service, or experience DO or GIVE your Avatar?
What are the hidden benefits that your Avatar doesn’t know about?
Why is your stuff the perfect solution to their problems?

Now we’re going to summarize that in these two questions…

Go back through what you’ve just written and highlight the most important parts. Copy or re-write them here.

Who is your target market?

What are the top three challenges your target market faces?


You’ve done the most important thing you will ever do to create success in your business!
Now take those answers, email them to me

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Elena Harder is Loving Visionary, Gorgeous Graphics Gal and Authenticity Catalyst at Evolving Humanity by Design.
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She especially loves writing love letters to her clients, and helping them get un-stuck from the fear of sharing themselves really fully with the world.
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