We are 1000 faces of Love 

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Love is Limitless

The intention of this project is to create connection with others and self with love in the moment you allow yourself to participate ...it is for:

1. People watching to resonate with the expressions and energy of love from others to their beloveds, and for themselves.

2. To promote self-love & compassion for self watching yourself -'exactly as u are' when 'being in love' - or at least stepping up to try in the moment offered.

3. To offer participants an opportunity to say 'I love u' to the ones you maybe never got a chance to express to ...

A chance to share the joy of being in love and feeling loved with your own friends and family on Facebook xxx and anonymously on Utube and Instagram

It's not just about feeling love,
it's being able to communicate that love. 

Thank you so much for supporting this project!

A percentage of each of donation or purchase through this site goes towards supporting Rainforrests and Refugees around the world through our favorite charities. 

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