Polish and Shine Package


I'm so glad that you're considering investing in yourself and your business, to take yourself to the next level of success! I love your mission and your dreams! What an amazing person you are! It would be an honor to help you! I SO enjoyed your passion and enthusiasm! It's inspiring!

My mission when working with you is to help you bring as much authenticity as possible to your business and website, to help you find your ideal clients, and sign them up!

Doing a Polish and Shine is usually a 4-5 week process.

1st week meet and create mockup,

2nd week creation of live testing website,

3rd week testing,

4th week show the world!

I've outlined the package we discussed yesterday below.

Magnetic Message

Our clients RAVE about the Magnetic Message course. IN this short 5-module course, you’ll get clear on your ideal client, your BIG WHY, how to network for highest client signup, and how you’re standing in your own way. This is a $267 value on its own, but included in this package because we know how crucial claiming your Magnetic Message is.

Professional Design

You love your logo, but the site it's in is old-school, and looks dated. You're feeling a bit shabby about your site. It doesn't pop and sizzle anymore.

We shine up your existing logo and then integrate logo and colour scheme into the perfect layout for you, so that your site is clean, classy, and feels like you've got it together!


Clients often get stuck trying to get the wording right, and will spend hours agonizing over how to word just one phrase!

We take your existing text, and add some marketing/authentic jazz to it. We share your glorious mission and your personality, plus marketing know-how and no typos. 🙂

Domain Name, Hosting and Email account setup

You could spend days researching which webhost to use. Weeks actually, and they are really mostly the same. It's not a good use of your time!

We've done the research, tried a few out, and decided Negative0 is the best because of their amazing customer service, pricing, they plant 2x more trees than the energy used to run their servers, and they help us out with EVERYTHING we need tech wise. A friendly Canadian, HUMAN is there to answer tech issues when needed.

We offer you a free YEAR of service from our favorite host as a bonus for switching over when we do your Polish and Shine. If you want to stay with your current host, you’re welcome to do that too.

We take care of all the technical aspects, which includes setting up the accounts and software services you didn't even know existed!

Building Credibility and Mailing List Relationship Building

You know you need to follow up, but it's just too many emails to send.

We setup the basics of a blog so you can build your credibility as a professional, and an email list capture system to build your customer base so you can easily keep in contact and promote your services to your list.

We include templates for writing your first eBook/Follow Up Series,
Autoresponders and Welcome emails to make life super easy for you!

Social Networking Strategy to get your word out
to a new possible clients.

Social Media seems super scary and overwhelming! You feel behind or like you're not doing enough, or keeping up with the joneses.

We've distilled all the social media know how into the most effective and most valuable handful of tools, and then automated most of it. You're in social media HEAVEN!

Which means it's easy for people to share you on facebook, email, twitter or LinkedIn profile.

And when you write a new blog, it auto posts to your social media!

Schedule posts in advance, and watch the likes rack up.

Let others share on their favorite online spaces how amazing they think you are.
Let your site and your passion start a wildfire revolution for your tribe.

Website Support

This updating a website thing is new and you think it might be tricky. You could spend hours searching for the answer online.

We have knowledgeable staff at your elbow via email or phone for the month.

So if you forgot something and have a question, or have a new testimonial to upload, we've got you covered. If you know you’re going to be needing ongoing help with your site, we are HAPPY to include an additional free month of support, with a 6 month support agreement. We want to make sure you are completely at home using your website.

With all of our sites, we take care of you, we automatically do a monthly check to make sure your software is always up to date, and if something breaks, just email us and we’ll fix it.

Easy to use "But I don't want to learn a new system!"

We know! Make your own changes to the site, whenever you want, wherever you want (just need internet) Nothing major to learn, you already have the skills you need.

I take care of the details (I won't pester you!)

You value your time, the reason you hired a web designer is because you don't want to waste your time learning one time only skills.

I get to know you, and your needs, always think on my feet, and have worked with people like you before, so I can make design decisions based on who you are, what you want(even if you don't have the technical knowhow to describe it). We have our initial consult, and I take care of the rest!

As I mentioned, you have the option of a "decide by lunch" reduction of $220. The investment of $1557 is a "decide by lunch" price, that will expire at noon tomorrow. After noon tomorrow, you have the full pay option of $1777 or 6 payments of $317.

I pride myself on "the perfect design, the first time", so we spend a lot of time in the pre-design phases understanding YOU. If for any reason you aren't completely happy with your site, 3 revisions are included, and we work until you are in LOVE with your site.

If you decide you would like to work with me, I'd like to schedule a phone call to gather more information from you, as well as discuss your preferred investment option.

Blessings on your Journey! Change the world by Being YOU!​

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