40 km North of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita is an easy 45 minute cab or bus ride.

Sayulita is a transformational Vortex, it’s a hub of conscious and seeking travelers, many come for the sun, and return year after year, because the energy of the place has touched their soul.

It is the place that my soul opened up to the wonder of the universe, and where my own first “spiritual awakening” experience happened.  I arrive and fell in love with the energy of the town, with the friendlyness of the people, and that everyone here was REALLY being themselves!!

Why do I love Sayulita??

  • Beach.  Duh.
  • Magic!
  • Palm Trees
  • Cost of Living
  • Lifestyle
  • Surfers are SEXY!
  • 2 French Bakeries
  • 4 (or so) great Italian Places
  • 3 great Smoothy bars
  • Homemade icecream and Paleta’s (popsicles)
  • TONS of great Mexican food
  • English and Spanish Bilingual natives
  • Local Organic Market on Friday
  • 2 Organic Food stores
  • 2 Naturopath Clinics and Doctors if need be.
  • It attracts VERY cool and eco friendly and conscious people
  • 8 Yoga Studios (and one very snazy yoga retreat center Hara Mara)
  • ZERO time shares, or big resorts (and it’s legislated to stay that way)
  • 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta (a 4.44 hour flight from Calgary) yay!

Why Sayulita is a Safe Place to Visit and/or Live

When vacationers start searching destinations for their family get-away, safety ranks high in the list of priorities. With drug cartel border violence becoming prevalent in mainstream USA news media, it is easy to see why some might question travel to Mexico.
The small, charming fishing village of Sayulita is just that – small and charming. Although growing in popularity on an international scale, Sayulita Mexico is still a quiet tranquil town with friendly faces eager to meet and greet visitors whose patronage is essential to the local economy. Sayulita has only recently been developed and therefore holds no history of violent crime. The homes, villas, and rental units are privately owned with no corporate multiple-story hotels which in turn facilitates a very strong sense of community in Sayulita. Major Media Agrees: Sayulita and the surrounding area has be categorized as one of the best areas in the world to retire in. Read for yourself the great articles AARP, Retire Worldwide, and San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch published about our area. In addition, Sayulita was voted the number one international location to travel with children for Spring reak 2010 by The Today Show and Travel & Leisure Magazine

Hablas Espanol?

You can get by with just english, as many of the locals speak English in Sayulita, but it’s helpful to know a little Spanish.   To get a jumpstart I recommend a podcast called Coffee Break Spanish.  (Free on Itunes.  If you are a complete beginner start with lessons 1 – 10)



Things to Do in Sayulita & Riviera Nayarit

Surfing, relaxing, eating, horseback riding, hiking, snorkeling, spanish lessons?  There are plenty of activities in Sayulita for the entire family.  If your vacation is about rest and rejuvenation check out one of the many yoga retreats and spas.  Want to learn to surf?  Easily hire an experienced instructor who will set you up with a board, wet-suit and bring you out to the wonderful waves (recommended if you are a newbie as the locals can be intense in the water).

Sayulita is very kid-friendly.  Activities like Sayulita Spanish Immersion Summer Surf Camp, or the Platinos Turtle Camp will get your kids off the computer and out in to a cultural experience they will never forget.  They won’t be bored in Sayulita.


Dinero and all Things Money

Until just a few years ago ATM machine’s were non-existent  in Sayulita.  Now there are atleast 5, and they work most days! lol  One even distributes U.S. dollars.  There isn’t a bank, but there is a money exchange in the plaza.  I recommend having at least some cash on hand in case the ATM machine is down (or has been stolen) or the money exhcange is taking a siesta or on holiday as can be the case.

Many businesses will take your dollars, but I always get a better exchange rate when I pay with pesos and I think it’s easier to have pesos rather than dollars in Mexico.  One or two restaurants take credit cards but just a few, Mexico is in general a cash economy so be prepared to always pay in cash.


Surf Break

Main Plaza and some Dancing Horses!




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