Hay River Books announces the publication of a new memoir by Montreal writer and filmmaker Robert Sean Lewis (aka Rafiq)


When your views are at odds with the system, how do you walk your talk? 

Disillusioned with the religious and political models of the 9/11 age, Rafiq asks a question that we all face in our desire for authentic lives: how can he remain in the world and still be true to himself?

His quest for an answer carries him to a job at an Islamic university in Indonesia, where the US embassy is looking for terrorists, and then to the Sufi communes of northern India in search of the mystical. It pulls him into the trenches of 9/11 truth activism in Montreal before immersing him in the peyote ceremonies of the shamans of Mexico.​

Days of Shock, Days of Wonder is the eye-opening true story of one man’s confrontation with the spiritual and cognitive dissonance of our times – and how at last he escapes Babylon to find wisdom in the earthbound ways of the ancients.

What does it mean to live ethically in a world at war?

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Available at online book retailers 28 January 2016

What People Are Saying

Four Arrows
Author of Primal Awareness and Unlearning the Language of Conquest

“A book to ignite a generation.”

Kevin Barrett
Author of Truth Jihad and 9/11 & American Empire

“If Kerouac or Bukowski had shunned alcohol for cannabis, encounteredSufism, and faced 9/11 truth and its implications, the result might havelooked a bit like this. Days of Shock, Days of Wonder is an en-grossingread and an important document of our time.”