Social Media Packages

How Do You Want to Grow Your Social Media?

When it comes to posting on social media, it can be challenging to stay consistent, most people have no strategy, and spend far too much time scrolling endlessly, instead of doing things which actually equal new customers. 

With a managed social media page, we get clear on your voice and strategy, create a consistent aethstetic, make sure you’re posting quality content every single day, while also collecting data on what your audience likes and engages with the most, so it’s easy to run high ROI ad campaigns with specifically targeted audiences whenever you’re ready to.

Which package you choose is based on the different outcomes you’re wanting to create for your social media presence, your budget, and how quickly you’d like to grow your influence.

A consistent, attractive, up-to-date presence 

When anyone lands on your page, you want it to look current, and you want your posts to show you off as the brilliant expert that you are.”

For this outcome, you may only need timely, relevant updates posted on your social media page(s) several times each week. A social media package that focuses exclusively on content development and daily posting (including posts that highlight your expertise, deliver current industry news & trends, and share value with your target audience) may be ideal for you.

  • Content – posted 1 time x day (7/week)
  • Direct interaction with your followers – 1 times / week
  • Outreach to attract new followers, media attention, potential partners – 1 times / month, follow up is responsibility of the client
  • Strategy – with monthly reports, research on analytics, tweaking and adjusting to constantly improve results 

Investment: For about $100 – $200 a month, you can have custom-branded posts written in your voice and posted once a day to one social network. These posts are terrific for keeping your pages fresh and current. If you add your own engagement, you can keep your brand top-of-mind with your community.

Increased Awareness of your Brand

“You want your target audience to know your (or your company’s) name and think of you when they need your products or services. You want to be regarded as the expert and thought leader in your industry.”

In addition to content development and posting on multiple platforms, you want frequent “social outreach,” where an account manager is proactively engaging with followers and your target audience. Consistent, relevant posts will keep your name in front of your current followers, but to reach new prospects and increase brand awareness, make sure your social media package includes a strong engagement component.

  • Content – posted 2 times / day
  • Direct interaction with your followers – 2 times / week
  • Outreach to attract new followers, media attention, potential partners – 1 times / month
  • Strategy with monthly reports, research on analytics, tweaking and adjusting to constantly improve results

Investment: For $200 – $500 / month will get you upgraded posting (more research, added visuals, strategic links), posting more often, or posting on more than one network.

Building Stronger Relationships with
Growing & Current Community

“Your relationship with your network means the world to you, and you want to keep those connections strong.  Your current followers are not enough. You want a larger audience to connect with, but they need to be the right people.”

Cultivating meaningful relationships requires regular and proactive communication. To achieve these outcomes, your social media package should include outreach, engagement, and rapport-building.  To grow your followers, fans, and connections, you must perform persistent attention-getting tasks. Opt for a social media program that features intelligent community-building activities that drive traffic from your social platforms to your website.

We make sure the posts being published on your social media pages are strategic. Driving traffic to your website requires a deliberate approach, including useful, relevant, compelling content and thoughtful timing. If you aren’t posting regular blog articles to your site, you may want to consider including the outsourcing of this component in your social media package to us as, as well.

  • Content Provided and Created  posted 3 times / day
  • Direct interaction with your followers – 2 times / week
  • Outreach to attract new followers, media attention, potential partners – 2 times / month
  • Strategy – with weekly reports, research on analytics, tweaking and adjusting to constantly improve results

Investment: Engagement and outreach to increase your network, build relationships, attract attention, and drive website traffic will usually cost you $600 and up / per social media platform. The investment depends upon the number of social platforms you want to be on, how quickly you want to increase your visibility, how much direct outreach is involved, and how often your campaigns are analyzed and tweaked.

When creating any social media campaign, or considering which package is right for you, what questions can you ask?

  • Can any of the work you are already doing be automated? 
  • How much work do you want to do vs the agency doing it for you?
  • How much time will you save when the work that requires real-time activity is handled by others for the week or month?
  • How much time for strategy and research are you currently doing on a monthly basis?
  • How often are you making strategic adjustments made on your campaigns?
  • Are you happy with how much you’ve been posting already? Or do you feel you should be sharing more?
  • Do you want your audience to see general posts, or do you want custom-branded posts written in your voice?

We’ve seen prices as low as $50 / month or lower for some agencies sharing generic posts. These are automated programs that spit out posts according to topics they think are relevant to your niche.  Unfortunately, they my not have any specific knowledge of the personal development, soul evolution, conscious parenting, or fermentation fields. The posts they create are not specific to your company or brand and are not written in your voice, but they may give some value to your audience. Don’t expect any relationship building or increased engagement with these posts, and since the generic links don’t go to your website, you won’t see any web traffic.

Tired of Guessing How to Make Your Social Media Work for You??

An experienced social media management agency has the time, tools, resources, and expertise to handle your social media accounts. When making your selection, it’s imperative to not only ask about pricing, but check out the company’s previous work and satisfied customers. No matter what you are paying, you must trust the person or agency with whom you are working.

Do you have any other questions about hiring a social media agency? Feel free to contact us here.

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