It’s important to listen to yourself.

I’ve done lots of things in my life, the only constant, is that i have a drive and a desire to change..

people look at my life, and go WOW! how did you get to do all those things.. and the answer is that i nevre do the same thing twice.

how do I enjoy my life.. I LOOK at the fact that i never do the same thing twice. even sitting on the beach in the same spot every day, is always different.. because there are different people, different tides, different realizations.

it is this noticing of the uniqueness of each moment that is presence.. that inspires us with our life day after day after day… living in blissful presence.

Even if that noticing is wow I’ve never felt this useless, frustrated or upset, it’s still a beautiful to notice the uniqueness of it.. lol

i moved to mexico because it was the place that most evoked that feeling in me.. of blissful presence.

now I help people figure out what their own version of the dream life in mexico looks like, following their hearts dream..and stepping into it.. I couldn’t be happier!

I realize that everything i’ve done to this point has prepared me perfectly to step into this. as your life experience has helped you to desire waht you want.. yumm… 🙂

i am perfectly poised in being completely me and have it be so beautiful and so successful!!! I rule!

Much love!


ps. From the beach, life looks peachy!