3 ways to shift to Joy in 1 minute or less

Joy is SO important! It heals all wounds, soothes all hurts, and is the gift of life!

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A couple of days I go I burnt my big toe pretty seriously. It’s still healing. Today I dropped a bike tire on said toe. It hurt.. a lot..

My response was a testament to how much I’ve been practicing this shift to joy, and how fast we can change our mental space.

So how did I respond??

I took a huge deep breath, I removed the tire from my toe, I took another huge deep breath, and as I was walking away feeling ouch and mad at myself for being careless, I laughed. Just for a moment.. And then I was so greatful to myself for being able to shift, and the power of that laugh and the gratitude took my pain away.


So. Without further ado, 3 ways to shift to Joy in 1 minute or less.

I recommend setting a 1 minute timer while you try these out for 3 reasons..

It gets you into the habit of shifting within the “timer” framework,
Allows you to let go of “how long has it been” and
Sets a strong intention for making that shift in the time allotted. (Which is important when you’re a mom or other busy person)

1. Take 3 deep breaths, then put a smile on your face and take 3 deep breaths and go “ha ha ha ha ha” on the exhale. (either in a mechanical I’m doing this cuz she said it would work kind of way, or in a real laugh kind of way, that’s even better in my books, but both will work) Repeat this untill your 1 minute timer goes off.

2. Take those 3 deep breaths, and consciously recall a time when you were ex-tactically happy. Delve into those memories and really play it out in your mind. Continue to do this until your timer goes.

3. Do the exercise in this 1 moment video. (In summary, spend 1 minute with your eyes closed, listening and feeling all the things around you for that one moment) This was my introduction to Micro Meditation, it’s great, and it really explains how to get present now (which is the solution to almost all inner tourmoil)

Do you have some questions about cultivating Joy? What is causing you challenges in your joy journey these days?? I would love to answer your questions!! Just hit reply and send them to me!

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