A positive thought on Plastic.

We have created this strange thing from the earth through processes into a many many myriad of things.  We have molded plastic into a hundred thousand things.  It is everything, and it is collecting in our earth in strange places.  I know, and realized in this moment (and prompted me to share).  That the human species will find a way and a balance with plastic.

My friend Eric Steinman has been working to raise awarness and use of biodegradeable alternatives.  Many options exist to create bio based replicas of our current plastic and !!Styrofoam! containers.   Check out these corn based bio-degradable bags.   21 day compostable.  Great Cool stuff!!

In the invention of technology, many would say that our creations have been created (barbie et al) in haste of consumerism and money creation.

I would wish, and know that humanity will (and already has according to TEDx movement for sure!!!) We have proved to have out evolve ourself.  Healing our own technological wounds and gaining more interest in howall of this is created.  The DIY  community is proof.  As is the multitude of evidences of the creation of re-used, and upcycled creations that are ever more beautiful,

and more descriptive of the human ability to make beauty out of anything.



Even garbage.

If you haven’t watched this one in a while, do.  It’s a tear lover.

Landfill Harmonic


And plus..  Nature is figuring out how to eat all that plastic anyways..  Mushrooms.. Go figure!! TED talks about it here.  I have mentioned I love ted!

I’ve been wondering about my own way of making the world more beautiful .   And I find it comes in inspiring the imagination and creativity of others, and supporting them in their endeavors.  Love, Magic Hands. and goodness!! If you’re interested in joining my next Life Upgrade Adventure, please send me an email.  It’s a complimentry experience I offer to people to create powerful practices for self love and re-birth!!

Much Love! Hope to hear from you soon!!