A Realization, and a Call to more!

Long time my beautiful one!

I am truly blessed at your understanding of my time that I needed to figure out how to put words to the truths I am remembering. It has been an eventful and wonderful few weeks, with lots of lessons and beautiful unfoldings. I’ve been enjoying myself so much!

I have been exploring the beautiful aspects and applications within our human existence of Unconditional Love, of this amazing gift From and Of Spirit.

Unconditional love, as an expression and ability to look at someone who is out of alignment with their highest selves, and to be able to see them and hold for them a vision of their true self, their highest self, full of light and joy, in alignment and glowing. I had a moment of beautiful clarity in this with Derek the other day as I was scared and sad about something that was happening, and he enfolded me within his arms, and made me truly feel that how I was feeling was acceptable, and that I could feel like that as long as I needed to, and that I would feel better soon. To feel not even slightly judged for my tears and my sorrow, and to have a vision of myself in joy and light held for me. It was a beautiful thing, I am so greatful for this incarnation of spirit’s faith in my worthiness infront of me. I know that my next step is to be and feel the truth and majesty of being so unjudging of myself.

The next day in a moment of frustration, Derek needed me to hold his light for him, and I gladly did so, realizing that such an unconditional love is the greatest gift we can give another.

I am truly coming to realize the scope of Source’s love, appreciation and respect for me. To know that when I have the greatest or the slightest doubt, Spirit holds my dreams high and offers me a constant hand to help bring me closer to that which I AM.

As more and more things that I have dreamed come to be “real” in my experience I rejoice in the thought that “When something seems “normal” then you know it is truly a part of yourself.”

How many beautiful, abundant aspects of ourselves to we see as being normal? Is love a normal aspect of our life? Do I see it all around me? Do I see spirituality and grace all around me? With Divine timing and Grace, I can watch my “dreams” become “normal” to me, normal to feel the goodness of them, whether they have manifested or not..

It is becoming normal for me to think of myself and someone who is highly successful, who has amazing ideas and can bring them to fruition. It IS normal for me to think of myself as someone who is blessed with amazing friends, amazing teachers and amazing moments of sharing and “oneness” with those I walk this human path with. It is normal for me to experiences moments of utter delight, moments of exquisite joy and an beauty in every thing I see.

For those things that are not yet normal, I am finding it exciting to say to them (Abundance) “have your way with me.”

What a beautiful idea, unconditional love, have your way with me. Adventure, have your way with me. Vitality, have your way with me. Presence, have your way with me! Spirit, have your way with me, Use me as a full expression of yourself, find yourself in human form through me. Penetrate me so thoroughly that I see the Divine Beauty in EVERY single moment, and in every action. Use me to create and experience bliss in this world. I will relish each moment, and cherish you all the more. And so it is.

I said in the past, “I have read so many things, so many words that say how it is that I can live in beauty and light, I don’t feel I’m learning what I’m reading, I intellectually understand what I am to do, and how that will build my life, BUT, I want to KNOW the feeling of these things”. And now as I look at myself, I realize that it was THAT asking, (something all the reading in the world had not SPECIFICALLY asked for) “I want to know the feeling of BE-ing”, that has brought forth the peace and joy that I feel now. And now, the words themselves shall be re-invented so that peace and joy are the building blocks, and our anticipations are made up of things even grander than that which I have even imagined.

As always, your stories and your love are appreciated, as is your dedication to your personal growth, for each of us lights the path for every other that follows, in our own way. Share the light!

In love, light, and a blissful evolution,