Announcing! The Evolving Humanity by Design TEAM!

That’s right..

I’ve realized that being a mom and a business owner has made me an infinitely better business person,

because with most of my time (okay 95% of it) being spent caring for my son,  I’ve had to ask for help SOONER! which means that I get to KEEP focus and passion on the things I love doing!


Which is amazing!! Because to fill those gaps between what I love doing, and all the things that need to get done for my business, I found the two most perfect fits EVER!!!




Benjamin Dowson Evolving Humanity by DesignBenjamin Dows0n (WordPress, Coding, SEO and all around Technical Genius!)


Mandy Schrader Evolving HumanityMandi Schrader (Print design, article writing, and project manager (aka, Elena’s awesome Organizer)


Both are Calgary residents, and are loving their new positions with Evolving Humanity.  It’s so beautiful to find people who share your vision, and who LOVE love love, and are even better at doing the things you don’t really like doing!!!!


So as a result, I’m able to focus on creating even more gorgeous graphics, and getting into helping clients explore the energy behind their business, while also offering top of the line SEO services, WordPress support, Content/Article writing, Brochures, Posters, and better follow up than I could on my own!


I get to do more of what I love, and Ben and Mandi get to do even more of what they love!  WIN WIN WIN!!!


I was thinking today that we can now do 3 times more than I could do on my own, and I realized that actually, I can now do atleast 9 times more than I could before.  It’s more like 3 to the power of 3, than 3 x 1 person..


So… My challenge to you is.

 If there’s something you HATE doing in your work, post an ad on Kijiji (that’s where I found these two) that expresses your distaste, and especially expresses the passion you DO have for what you love doing!


I guarantee you, good things will come of it!!

Luxury, Laughter and FUN!




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I specialize “kickass graphics” for people who change the world.  If your branding needs an added punch to take your business to the next level, I’m your lady!