As it Speeds UP, Slow DOWN!

The key is to just choose one thing from that giant list of “things that are good for me” that appeals to you, and do it every day!

Take a deep breath, and relax. Then take another.. It is important to be in a receptive state. The power of word can be amazing, and you are about to receive a very special gift.

Firstly, you will begin to understand that you are perfect as you are. You begin to believe that there is value in all the actions that you have taken each day for yourself and your well-being. You understand that it is possible to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. You are in this moment, a culmination of all the dreams and desires you have had. You understand that in this present moment, your physical surroundings and your habbits and your desires, are in a sense a past version of yourself. There is this buffer of time that happens between desire and manifesting. Think of all the things you have to be proud of today, you maybe did an excellent thing at your job, and you are recieving this message, in answer to your asking for help to change. In each moment you learn to love yourself a little more.

You understand the amazing power of money, you understand it as energy, as a transference of energy between people. In the way that you have been, you are sending money to the people around you as an appreciation of their beauty, and fulfillment of your needs. You appreciate this ability to immediately have your desires fulfilled, just by asking. This is something that we all desire! And it is a powerful desire. Imagine applying this KNOWLEDGE of having your desires immediately fullfilled to other aspects of your life. Imagine the power of your appreciation and your desire, to create things in other aspects of your life. This is part of why these things and this situation have been in your life, to help you understand the speed with which desires can become realities!

You can accept that in this moment, you have done a great service for these people you spend money with, in providing them with something they desire, (money, attention, desire, appreciation). Money is a tool to bring us closer to our desires, it is a manifestation of appreciation. It is good to have spent the money, and to keep it circulating, and your appreciation flowing, than to have it holed up somewhere with no outlet of desire.

Understand now that your feelings of tension over the “things I could do better with my money” are your indication that there is something coming(or waiting for you to see it) that is indeed more to your benefit and the benefit of those around you. Begin to ask yourself “Where will my money be used for my highest good”, write it on a sticky and post it next to your bed. And remember to be gentle with yourself when you have desires previously associated with negative thought, the less in opposition you are to your own actions, the easier it is to move into your NEW desire.

Know that there is an outlet for your money coming, that your needs for love and appreciation, security and hope can and will be met, and that meeting those needs starts within you. You are a beautiful being, and you are already perfect in yourself. Feel excited and proud that you are creating this new desire for more and more in your life, and feel so proud when you are in a feeling space of moving closer to those desires.

I ask you now to forgive yourself for all actions. I ask you to understand that everything you have ever done was because you believed it was in your highest good. I ask you to understand that if it feels good, it IS in your highest good. It is important you feel appreciated, and involved and important. All your actions with money and it’s spending has helped you achieve your goals! That is something to be proud of. Any feelings of discomfort on how you are spending your money stem from the inner realisation that you are ready to have new things fulfill your desires. You ARE ready for a partner in your life who fulfills you, you are ready for a great abundance of wealth, you ARE ready for the relationship with your soul partner that you have always desired, you are ready for all your desires to come swiftly to you. Your feelings of discomfort are your feelings that it is time to make the PHYSICAL and mental change that will allow this person, these desires to come into your life. In reading this you are accessing the energies that transform you.

YOU ARE READY, in every way. Now take a breath, relax,

Take this time to imagine what your life looks like in bliss, what it tastes like to be eating the food you want, with the company you so desire, what it feels like to have the freedom to do everything you want, Imagine what complete freedom feels like.. Does it feel like floating, or stretching out to all horizons, get a taste, of it, get the feel of how you are when YOU reach every horizon you have ever imagined. And the bliss at knowing that the horizon is ever expanding.

What it sounds like to hear your perfect partners laugh, the touch of their hand, the joy that radiates when they smile and look at you! How they enrich your life in every way. I am living with the most beautiful (wo)man in the world, I adore every moment with him/her, I am appreciated and loved, I am overjoyed with the playfulness and sensuality and passion and lust that we enjoy together. I am completely satisfied. I am in love with life and with him/her. I feel so desired, I feel so heavenly. I feel so divine. My life is unfolding in the most beautiful way. I am so enthralled with every moment. I am loved as never before. I am astounded at the magic moment that brought us together.

Ask yourself, and ask the universe, “what action can I take that will bring me to this manifestation?” Listen to your reply, and know also that the answer, always, is to feel it in yourself, to know it with certainty and passion.

And the key to that is, fake it till you make it. (or the power of positive belief, whichever you prefer to call it, haha)

To help you in that I would recommend 5-10 goals(stated in the present tense, as above, I am enjoying the beauty and simplicity of amazing interactions with others, I am completely accepting of myself, I am spending my money in ways that benifit me exceptionally, I am completely supported in achieving my desires, etc) every morning, and 5 greatfuls that have to do with your goals every night. (I am greatful for the knowledge that was passed to me today, I am greatful for the change that I feel is coming to my life, I am greatful..etc)

I know that you have benefited greatly from this email, and from the emails that will come. I thank you for the opportunity to express the love of the universe through myself and to you. Know that your dreams are the dreams of every creature on this planet, and they all are rooting for you to allow your dreams into your life. I know that my spirit has been healed by having faith in your dream, and that my life has changed as a result of this meeting. I know that you beleive in your heart this is true and possible.

Be your dream, love yourself, accept and forgive all past transgressions against others and against yourself, they are in the past, and only have the power that you give them in your remembering.

Live in love, and your dreams MUST come to be.

In Light,

elena H.

ps. Again thank you, please keep in touch and let me know the beautiful unfoldment as it happens in your life, I am here to support you in your journey, and you may speak to me completely in trust. If you want to discuss any issue we may, or we can continue on this train as it flows from me, each of us asking for refinement, and I providing.

As always, if for some reason you prefer to not receive these emails, please let me know.