What does Awesome Look like these days? (& event invite)

Hello Darlings!
I’d like to start by sharing some funny stories from today, and then I want to tell you about a SUPER exciting event that I’m co-creating in 3 weeks that will inspire and amaze.  If you’re in Calgary, I would love for you to come!

Today in the Kitchen with my Dad and 2.5 year old Alex

Alex: That’s a boner!
My dad: What’s a boner Alex?
Alex: You!
Me: Laughing my guts out..

Alex & I Manifested a TRAIN experience

We got stuck (we were given the opportunity to wait) next to a big long petrolium train today on the way to the dayhome.  It took about 10 minutes longer than we would normally have taken to get there, and it was awesome, because I’ve waited at train tracks (especially when I’m late) and been super frustrated.  Today I took the opportunity to talk to Alex about Trains (which he loves), and to admire the artwork on the train.
 Some memorable ones today were ” Reflection of myself”  “Crazy for Obama” a BEAUTIFUL flower painted on one train car, “Feel like Groovin” as well as a collection of random tags and scribbles.  I was impressed with the general consciousness and positive message of the graffiti on the train.  How lovely.
The guy in front of me got out of his truck at about 7 minutes into the 10 minute train, swore, shook his head, and then had a smoke.  I laughed, and thought about how completely different every single person on the planet’s experience is.  I was having fun! (And running just as late as he was).
It was a lovely moment seeing how patient, calm, and able to be centered in the moment I am capable of being (and am being in general these days.. So lovely).  And ps. I haven’t always been like this.  It’s the Weapon of Consciousness training that’s really helped me to shift into being so chill all the time (and yes, when you’re super busy is the best time to start)
And here’s a funny audio of me that plays on my phone at 1:11 every day to remind me to laugh, smile, channel energy and play for atleast 2 minutes every day.  I hope you enjoy it!   111 Download 1 min Audio

OKAY! On to the goodness of the Playshop.

 As those of you who have been following me for a while may know, I’ve  been through some crazy drama in my relationship spectrum.  It’s only in year 3 or so of my 5 year relationship that I realized(became aware) that I was in a very classic Abusive relationship, and that i was continuing to choose it.
Aime Hutton and Elena HarderAs a result of that time, I learned some really amazing tools that helped me to keep my head above the water when everything was crazy, and that I am now using to bring me into higher and higher levels of joy, bliss, extacy and reverence for the beauty of daily life.  YES.  This, the same woman who 4 months ago was screaming “Get out of my House” and 1 month ago was doing heavy breathing exercises every hour to keep herself from again screaming at the lovely 2 year old Alex (who is an angel by everyone, including my own standards)  Stress will get you!
My friend Aime, was in an abusive relationship in Highschool, and when we met up at a recent event where we were both presenting our hearts desires, we said “let’s make something together”

So It’s with great pleasure that I’m here to share and offer to you:

Awaken your Inner Goddess of Play Playshop June 15th 2013.

Aime is divine goddess of getting you INTO your body and feeling comfortable there.  I’m divine goddess of play and blissful JOY!
We want to welcome you to come and explore what the super joyful awesome version of yourself looks like, to have tons of fun, and to really create a celebration of letting go of whoever your old self was, and step into a new and more joyful version of yourself.
If you’re interested, there’s a great invitation page here http://evolvinghumanity.com/awaken-your-inner-goddess-of-play/
And you can reserve your ticket at the bottom of the page.  There is space for 20 women (If you’re a single mama, we’re welcoming young women 9 and up to this event as well)
I so look forward to seeing you there if it resonates with you.  If there is some “I’d love to BUT”  please reply and let me know what that is, we want to help you step into amazing new self, and get towards being more awesome NOW, not later!
If you have friends in the Calgary area, or a network of people who might be interested, please connect with me, or forward this email to them and invite them as well!   I need help and courage to spread the message.
Much Love!Elena