Being with the Calm Center of your Life (the earth)

Good Morning Beauties!!

I just spent a 4 day weekend in the mountains. Not only the mountains, but a beautiful chunk of the world called Lake O’Hara.  It’s just behind Lake Louise, but without all the bus full’s of tourists.  I spent a day walking around the lake with Alex (only 3km, and saw… 1 person in my first 2 hours..)  We jumped in the lake (brrr!), and then lazed in a Canoe with my feet dangling in the water eating a picnic.. AWESOME!!

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It reminded me just how important time in Nature really is.

For my work I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, and getting to unplug for 4 days is heavenly.. 🙂 Not to mention gorgeous views like this.

2013-08-13 13.49.33

Here’s my personal theory (gleaned from the book Magical Child) on why time in nature is so rewarding, and important!

The earth is a big crystaline grid structure of energy.. It has it’s own mass and inertia and energy field.

We are each a little refractory of that huge field. We merge and meld with others as we go along, and we create little interesting distortions (cultures, sub cultures, movements, idieosyncracies etc) People create strange and beautiful patterns of being when they are in small groups, as anyone who has ever been part of a mob (happy, mad, willing or not), can say, human creatures in mass can create powerful surging of intention that are irresistible to those caught in them.

When we go back to being with mostly nature, they crystalline grid of the planet has time to work with us, to refine us, to bring us back into harmony with that peace, serenity, and calm that a pristine place so embodies. All the “ways we be” because of how others around us are, drop away into the way a tree, or a rock be’s.

2013-08-13 14.01.52When I chose to spend 6 months of my last year living in on the beach, I didn’t realize what kind of impact it would have on my relationships. In Magical Child, they talk about how around 3 years old, we switch our main attachment from our mother’s to the world at large.. From the structure of mom, to the structure of the earth. We learn that the earth is a safe place to walk. This is a crucial phase of our integrated human development, and many kids (and adults) never got to spend enough time in nature to really realize that they were safe there.. The safe space becomes our houses, or schools, buildings, malls.

The time I spent on the beach, as I carved rivers and mountains into the sand, watching the water pool and move. I watched as a deep harmony with nature built within me. And I also watched as my neediness for THIS or THAT (or for the people in my life to be this or that) to make me happy disappeared. As the joy of life from the earth moved into my body, and created me as a moving aspect of that earthy, divine energy flow. How wicked!!


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How do you do this??? Create that bond with the earth so strong that nothing makes you crazy??

Move the earth with your hands, sit with your bum on the ground, lay on the ground. Spend time with the earth… Sleep on the earth (camping!!!!) Pretty easy. 🙂  Do it for at minimum 20 minutes a day.. and at most, all day every day!! 🙂

If you’re in Calgary, and would like to experience this deeper with me, please shoot me a note and we can create a 4 hour or multiple day retreat special for you.. 🙂 This is what my heart sings to do these days!!

Much Love to you!!


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PS. Check out this video that had me in tears today..