But THEY did it to meeeee… (poor me!)

The rediculous concept of THEY


I’ve heard much talk among friends recently about “the system” “Babalon” “the west” “they” and “them”


I laugh and stay bullshit.

We are all one.


That’s all there is to it.  We are all one energy.  So, when people talk about “THEY are stopping us” from whatever… I listen to them, and I ask.  Where in your life in your energy and in your soul are you still not in alignment with yourself.  With your “verbalized” desires.


I choose my reality.  Every person I meet is a highly consious person.  THere may be people on my beach who are highly unconscious in their life, who plays in what people would term “normal north american consumerist culture”   I don’t meet them.  THey are not a part of my reality.


People talk about the shift.  YOU ARE THE SHIFT.  Period.

If you’re mad about someone, you are not being the shift.


If you are listening, if you are looking to learn, if you are loving the beauty and lessons that come from this person you would have never expected them from.


I met Meagan the other day.  Young, drunk, died hair, tattoos, short skirt, but not punky(I can connect with them), prissy, probably a club girl.  My antithisis.  The epitamy of what I disrespect in women, in myself.  The most profound things came out of this woman’s mouth.  I shifted, opened and learned that even the most “unconcious”(not that she was, but that I saw her that way) people can teach us the most beautiful things about ourselves.


Even their judgements about us, can teach.  When we hear their judgements, know they are our mirror.  We are creating them to show us what we really think about ourselves.

Can we see it as truth about our own beleifs, can we love and respect ourselves anyways.


I will be gentle with myself.