Feel GREAT about checking your Email! Video

Feel GREAT about checking your Email!


I was talking with the lovely Shannon McFadden today at the body Soul Spirit expo. She laid it on heavily to me that the most important part of being an entrepreneur, is getting to work WHEN you want.

Sitting on the beach stuck to a laptop all day is still no fun.  It’s the ability to get up, go for a walk, a swim, play with puppies, babies, friends, at our own pace.

That feeling of FREEDOM that is what is so lacking in my own business right now!

I feel like if I don’t do it RIGHT NOW, someone will feel I’m neglecting them, I’m neglecting my business, and my success!  Ahhh!
It’s only in the last week or two, when I’ve actually set aside a time every day that is a “work” time, and informed my clients that that work time is LATE, and that I probably won’t get back to them until morning, and definitely not during “business hours”.   (setting boundaries again… it never ceases to be the most important thing I do)
So now I’m feeling I have the freedom to say, “This is work time, and the most productive use of my work time right now is to watch educational videos, do some design, answer emails, or make artwork, or write articles, or mess around on facebook,” or whatever it is I may feel is the most fun thing for me to do.
What a shift!  I almost always make time to check in with my email (and I sing a song when I do, it’s new, I love it! See the video above!)
And the funny thing is, I actually work more casually and flowy throughout the day.  When I have a good idea, I’ll make a video of it, so that the energy is immediately acknowledged and passed on.

I spent so much time studying “happiness bootcamp” things to do to make our lives happier, and I’m just NOW realizing that it can and SHOULD be applied to business as well.

  • Outsource as much as you can, (you can’t afford not to, anything you don’t love doing steals your passion for your dream)
  • If you HAVE to do it, and you don’t want to. Find a way to make it fun, ritualize it.  Make a song you sing every time (a la, “clean up, clean up, it’s time to play clean up” with kids), and make it as fun as you can.
  • When you get crazy and upset or stressed with someone, laugh at yourself and make it a learning experience.
  • Always look for the gift.

When we get in a playful mood with our business, it’s surrounded with a feeling of energy and passion that our potential clients (aka our new friends) can’t resist.

I don’t know if you’ve ever worked door to door sales, or been to a MLM “pump it up” meeting.  It’s magnetic, and in those situations, it’s also a HIGH state, that most sales people can’t replicate long term.

When you FUN ritualize the “have to’s” and cut out everything you don’t love doing, your energy around your business is in a permanent high state, and it’s just makes it go BOOM!  🙂

Loving the flow…
ps. A huge shout out to Paul and his family from Summerland, Shannon McFadden, Crystal Rose Gypsy Witch Doctor, for their glorious support and mentioning these newsletters, they’ve inspired me to make them a definite regular thing, and to play more fully into my gift of word!