Gratitude is our balance point.

Talking about the cycle of creation/relaxation, creation/relaxation.  I know that as a highly energetic person, I was often very victim to the cycle of creation/destruction.  I would start creating, get so excited, loose alignment, keep pushing, get overwhelmed, and crash so hard that I have to take a week off just to recover.  (sound familiar?)


And what I realized today is that there needs to be a balance (surprised?)  For me, relaxation is a bit of a scary word.  What I found today, is that I am much more comfortable with the idea of Creation/Grattitude. 


Here’s a Video I made describing it!


Which means, on the 7th day she rested, and looked at how kick ass everything she had made was! (yup, if you look in the bible, that’s what it says!)


Even today, when I was having a mondo creative blitz, I was creating creating creating.  And then just took a break to reflect on how awesome everything I was creating was, how beautiful the beach was, how great it was that alexander slept for like 2 hours in the middle of the day.  etc.


And i went.  You know what, I can do THIS.  I like gratitude.

Gratitude Feels GOOD!

If we forget time to be grateful, if we forget time to rest (like we all need sleep every day)  and recharge (gratitude is a great re-charger) then we explode, and self destruct (well I do at least).


So.  I’ve started a serious meal time gratitude tradition.  My memory is not always the best from one day to another, but when I take time at each meal to re-cap what’s been awesome since the last meal, i get a chance to relax, appreciate and rejuvenate (and get yummy grub).  Oh. PS, this is NEW for me, and sometimes I don’t remember until I’m halfway through the meal, at which point, i just stop eating and do my greatfuls.  🙂 (no more being mean to myself for forgetting, I’m so greatful for how gentle I’m being with myself!)



I challenge you to create at least ONE additional time in your day when you list 3 things that you are greatful for.  And keep it up every day for a week.  Watch your energy levels soar!!


(an example would be to post 3 things you’re greatful for every time you go on facebook! Haha)



Much love!