Having Things Come to Be

I just had a brilliant moment!

So over the last year or so, I had decided that I wanted to spend less and less time being upset and in a negative frame of mind. Every time I noticed myself feeling upset about something, I would work to feel better as soon as I could. Looking back on the process, I started a year ago being upset about something for an average of about 3 days, and I feel that I am now down to about 10 minutes or less on average.

Most of this growth happened in the last few months of this year, things are speeding up! I really started to take notice when I began being excited when had been upset! Noticing that I had been doing well on getting less and less time upset, (instead of berating myself over being upset again!) and congratulating myself on my improvement over my history, and really “feeling” that next time I would be upset for even less time!

Next time It will be easier, next time I’ll do better, next time I won’t even notice I got upset it happened so fast! Earlier this week I had a moment when I realized I was getting “physically” upset, tensing my body etc, and was like.. WAIT! why am I doing this?? What is out of whack right now? As soon as I found a thought that defined the “upset” I found a positive thought! I literally when from standing in front of someone holding a door closed, saying “NO you can’t go!” to “Do what you feel is best for you, and I will work out the weird emotions I’m feeling right now, and by the time you get back I’ll be back on top of the world” Even before I could say my negative thought twice! That’s how fast this process is getting, and how fast it can become for us now!

What that story helped me to realize (other than being happier than I have ever been, and recovering faster than I ever have! wheee! ) Is the immense power of ASKING for healing and help and a better life. I asked to feel less and less upset from this point on, ” want to spend less and less time feeling upset” Asking to feel more happy more often, asking for feel more abundant more often, asking to feel more love more often!

As I begin reading another “self help/law of attraction/manifest what you want in life” book, I set an intention before I begin reading. (it gave me goosebumps when I did it honestly, it was phenomenal, and really let me know that what I was doing was right!) I set an intention. I said “This is the book that lets me really integrate this knowledge into the very core of my being, this is the book that changes my life, this is the book that I read that I point back to and say, this is my turning point, this is where my life TOOK OFF and flew the way I have been reading about for ages, this is the book that gives me the confidence to BE what it says to be, to DO the exercises that it suggests and KNOW that it will change my life.”

Yes, I said ALL That before I started reading it. And you know what? Even though I’ve read dozens of books that say exactly the same thing, this one seems clearer, I have a feeling while I read it, that this is exactly the right information to be passed on to me at this moment, and that I WILL be different after reading it. It’s phenomenal and exhilarating!

So from this book that I am reading, I got this quote “In fact, my ultimate goal is for each of you to become absolute Masters at this, decreasing the time from “expressing your desires” to having them realized, more and more each day. ”

And as everything comes together in my consciousness I realize “So if I set an intention that I be more and more happy more and more often, and I’ve been able to see that happen, I can set an intent to have my “oh man I want that” and “oh sweet I got that” phases closer and closer together..” I can ask for that, and I can trust that it will happen. I don’t need to know HOW it’s going to happen (as I had no clue how to make myself take less time being sad, techniques and life just happened!)

Oh the sweetness of what is. If each of us could honestly say, I look for the shortness of time that it took for me to manifest what I desire. Imagine the fast track that puts us on to receiving our goals! Tomorrow it will take me even less time than it took me today. I understand now that this is why so many of the books I have read suggest that you start practicing manifestation on small things, small things are by default easier because they are small (they are small because we have less energy invested in NOT having them) .. BUT what we have invested in them now is PROOF that we can, by asking, bring our goals closer and closer to ourselves, quicker and quicker!

That gives me so much more excitement about practicing with little things. I know personally I’ve read many a book that says, choose a small thing, and watch it come to you, “but I don’t care about the small thing” i say! Otherwise it wouldn’t be small! NOW I have a reason to practice, to watch the quickness of it, to watch the delight of it. In other words, the “theory” has reached critical mass, and is transforming me into a person who delights in watching my manifestations, all of them! just for the magic of it! ALL because I asked for an understanding of it (I only REALLY asked for it 43 pages of stuff that I have read or heard audio of a hundred times before, ago.), and here I am, a whole new person! The one I have wanted to be, manifest in front of my eyes! ha!

How sweet it is.

I bless you all, and intend for you that growth is easy, fruitful and most importantly full of joy! That’s what friends are for, to hold the dreams of others in their hearts, and add their power to that dream.

I ask that you look into your heart, find the dream that is dearest to you, and ask someone you trust, to hold it in their heart too. The power of co-operative creation is more than 1 and 1, it is infinite! I would be honored to share your dream, for the goodness of you and this world, and all of creation.

Remember to find your smile!

Love and Light,


ps. Alia, I hold your dream of your home in my heart, as dear to me as my own dreams of life, for it is a great goodness that you are creating for yourself, for all involved and for the light of the universe!

Molly, I hold your dream of clear water and service to others in my heart, blessed as it is, a divine mission given to you to heal yourself and to help every person you meet. May the labour your body moves through, be a purification that leaves you invigorated and fulfilled.

Susan, I hold your dream of health and vitality and healing for all peoples and this planet in my heart. I know for you the joy inexpressible of watching your seeds blossom and grow to heights you had never dreamed to ask for.