Hippies Guide to the Galaxy — Don’t Panic!

Hello to all the beautiful Goddesses and Gods of Creation!

As a result of my asking, I have learned so many good “help, I’ve fallen off my positive wagon” tools! I was feeling like I had been reading and reading the theory over and over again, and I said! HEY! I want some THINGS I CAN DO, to help me get in that positive creative mindset. I know where I need to be, where are the processes to get me there?? And TA-DAH! Processes up the WAZOO.. Now I’m FEELING the way I want on a regular basis, and I’ve started REALLY asking for the tangible results(well I’ve been asking for them all along, but now I actually believe in them coming, which makes all the difference)! What fun to see it all unfold, and how beautiful to know that when I ask, it is given!

I have included links to a lot of free outside resources in this email, to read/listen to them is your choice, of course. Do it as the timing feels right! I have pulled the best of the best that I’ve received over the last month together for you, so that you can all benefit from these simple and powerful processes.

Recently I was speaking with a friend and we were talking about the power of negative emotion to create positive change! Not something you would normally think of, but exactly the lesson that one of my teachers sent me this week! I love the clarity from so many different sources.

So I am crying, in frustration and overwhelment, in hoplessness, in despair, in my lowest moment. In the intensity of this emotion there is so much power flowing! It is completely possible to harness this power for good, INSTANTLY! When faced with a bad situation – think of a way to turn it into a Positive CHALLENGE. For example, if someone Owes You Money and Refuses to Pay Up: Forgive them. As long as you hold a grudge, you’re telling the Universe that you’ve lost money. And indeed, you’ll attract the loss. Instead, set a goal to earn twice the amount of money you’ve lost. More examples HERE scroll down to “The Energy Redirection Technique”.

I also learned a new centering/present focus technique. Download the Audio HERE I highly recommend the 20 minute audio meditation, if you prefer my summary of it follows.

Take a few deep breaths, and then visualize a small dot in the middle of your head, this dot is your thought magnet, it is here to help you bring all your thoughts back to center, back to the present moment. So you may have some thoughts at this moment that are from your past, you can feel them like arms, reaching out from your thought magnet, back into the past, stretching themselves out, holding on to moments in the past. As you activate your magnet, take a breath in, releasing all the little attention hands of thought that are grasping your memories, and as you exhale, feel the power of the magnet sucking them all back into the present moment. As they get closer to you, they move faster and faster, your attention knowing where it’s home is, with you, and your thought magnet, in the present moment. We can then do the same with the future. He goes on to explain how we can use this visual of a magnet to magnetize all negative thought patterns (limiting beliefs, in this meditation on money, but any subject can be used) into a separate space, and then separate and re-claim the power that was previously given to these ideas/thought forms. (I get tingles every time I do this meditation, I love it!)

Again, I highly recommend the audio! When discussing the technique of letting go of past/present memories, a friend and I also thought! Why not apply this to clearing out our Chakra’s as well.. Using the concept of the magnet to call back all pieces of ourselves, all parts of energy that have been given to others over our years. We started with the Heart Chakra, because we so often give parts of our hearts! After doing our hearts we were so energized and excited that of course we did the rest of the Chakra’s too!

It is a time of consolidation, of returning to our full and complete power. To attain that KNOWING that we are indeed complete and whole beings in each moment. Although we may feel there are some things that are “out of wack” and need fixing BEFORE we feel whole, the more we can come to the realization that we are already whole, the better we feel, and the faster those things we desire arrive knocking at our door.

If you have not already heard of or looked into EFT, I highly recommend that too!! It’s an excellent beginners tool (and an excellent refinement tool).. That can help us clear physical and emotional blocks, without having to think of positive affirmations that we may not believe. The power in EFT is in digging into those yucky areas and using the tapping/meridian points to clear the energy that is blocked inside of us. I had a phenomenal example of EFT’s power the other day when I attended a group EFT session. One of the participants had severe Parkinsons, and was literally falling/sliding off their chair because of intense involuntary muscle movement. After about 5 minutes of tapping they were able to sit upright and still with no visible tremors AT ALL! It was magical and beautiful to see the calm that returned to their body, and the confidence that restored in them to speak their needs and worries while practicing more EFT.

I have been blessed with friends who encourage me to use EFT on a regular basis, if we are having any sort of discussion that involves an emotional issue, once it has been clarified through conversation, I am always encouraged to “tap it out” and I always feel better! How loved I feel when a friend will look at me and tap on their “karate chop point” to remind me that I can be done with this thought pattern from this moment on. And how powerful to be able to be done with it just like that!!! Here is a link for EFT to Clear Physical Pain,(under an hour, with an excellent “science of it” explanation of how our body holds on to trauma, in the first 5 minutes, and then extended tapping “scripts” that you can work through) the website that hosts that audio also offers a free EFT for beginners eBook.

It is time to strengthen our communities, our friendships and our co-creation. Many of us have been doing this over the years, and it is coming together powerfully in these moments. To the extent that we have negatively focused people in our lives, is equal to the extent that we still hold beliefs within ourselves of doubt of the true nature of the universe (and ourselves) as completely positive and ever evolving creatures!

We are beginning to realize the separation/unification that must take place within each of us, letting go of old patterns that no longer serve us, whether those are thoughts, or people. Where each of us creates our own reality, holding on to people who are not walking in their own highest selves does not serve our path. There is space being created in our lives for new and powerful things. There is space being created in each of us, for our true purpose to shine in.

It is time for the shedding of duality. A time to come and live purely in the light, purely in joy and bliss. A time when we can truly say, I am whole, I am complete, I am beautiful. I am better in each moment than I was in the one before.

I have a vision of each of us riding the very edge of this wave of evolution, in being in each present moment, we are on that edge, truly living in an awareness of the uniqueness of each moment, and appreciating all that passes. In each moment we travel to where no one has been before, with the ease and grace that is meant to be. THIS is the world that we begin to live in.. This is the world that is ours for the inheriting and the living. This is where our power is, this is where we change the world. This is where we can truly explore our power as magicians and conjurers, gods and goddesses, asking, and expecting and receiving, all in perfect harmony, with absolute certainty of our divinity, our worthiness, our deservingness, and the power of our desires. In this moment we just be. In this moment being is all that can be, and it opens doors to an every day experience of things we had only dreamed.

For now, I remain, in Light,



Thank you to all of you for your love and support. Each of you have touched my life in such a special and unique way. Be at peace, and know that you are complete!