I always thought that I had to be good at ONE thing..

I always thought that I had to be good at ONE thing..


The conventional marketing wisdom that I bought into said “figure out what your ONE thing is” and be great at it.


What I’ve realized in that journey (trying to be good at JUST web design), is that I am a huge multifaceted person.  And I get bored.  And i get frustrated, and I like doing lots of different things.


I’m sharing this with you because we’ve connected at one point, and so I believe that your soul shares the same journey as mine.


We are people who have many passions, many loves, and many talents.  We are people who love life, and who throw ourselves whole heartedly into our current task.

I had been giving myself SUCH a hard time for having so many “incomplete” projects.


We are divine feminine beings!  Our journey is about the ever expanding creative field.  It’s not about completion, it’s about the journey!


So when I look at my postcard box, and think of the projects I have done, and the fact that I’m not using it RIGHT now, I can be gentle with myself.


Over the course of the year, I will pick up these post cards, and have a burst of creative energy that gets channeled through them.  I also have a collection of driftwood that will be turned into jewelry.  I also have cloth that will be turned into beautiful clothes.  I also have an online group program, I also have a web design business, I also have a healthy coffee business.


I am NOT a single faceted person.  I am a beautiful multifaceted person.  A diamond needs all the facets and angles and cuts to shine the way it does.  SO TO DO I.

The driving force behind each of these projects I embark on is to help myself be MORE myself.  And in the process, I transform and translate and allow others to step into being even more THEMSELVES.  Authentically, gorgeously.  Lovingly.


Each of these projects is rooted in my desire to BE ME.  I am a multifaceted person.  I step, gloriously and powerfully into that.  NOW.


I was inspired by my own self, and recorded this video, it would honor me for you to watch it now. It is encoded with complete presence, with love, adoration and an attunement for your own sacred self to be unleashed.





Be yourself, by being yourself, YOU change the world!


Love, infinite and unconditional.




ps. My gift is to help you realize what YOUR unique gift is through play!  What the driving force behind all your myriad of projects is.  If you are floundering among your projects (as I have, trust me!) Please contact me for a 30 minute “Your Authentic Gift” breakthrough session.  I offer these sessions on a Pay What You Want basis, and you are welcome to offer whatever love donation makes your heart sing.


pps.  GOD this is an amazing combination of ME and the “knowledge” I’ve acquired. It’s fucking gorgeous!  haha..