I am investing in myself, I am inviting myself to be more trusting.

Hello again Beautiful!

It’s been another creative week, and some amazing moments of clarity brought a real FEELING of my knowledge and power!

I’d like to share some lessons from the “community” in response to last weeks letter. I think it is so important to share all of our growth, as we are traveling on the leading edge of thought, knowledge and expansion, and the whole universe is learning these same lessons as the time is right for them.

As we grow more confident in our self worth and beauty, we set the stage for others to move with grace and ease into this same mindset of worthiness.

“I am trying to change my course for one of physical rejuvenation and purity. I feel I can achieve so much more knowledge and power with a pure body as the conduit.” — There have been so many people in my life in the last year, myself included, who are moving towards this purity, when you are ready for it, it feels easy and natural, it feels easier than continuing whatever you HAVE been doing, whether that is a habit, pattern of abuse, or re-occurring thoughts.

“My lesson these last two weeks, and it is one that is not nearly over, is to love who I am. I am strong, capable, reliable, with a ton of great qualities and talents, and yet I do not value myself inwardly as I should. That revelation was hard enough, now I am on a road to see my worth. I can never expect to find a life partner who values me if I do not set the bar on my value.”

“I am entering a time that is all about me, and I don’t feel selfish or vain about it. It is my time. I realized the most important thing in the world a person has to do is invest in themselves, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I am useless to the world otherwise. Hey isn’t it an old proverb that you can’t water the world with an empty cup? Well, I’m on my way to being your proverbial fountain. I won’t be a full stagnant cup nor an empty cup, but a natural geyser constantly surging new life from my roots to shower on everything and one around me.”

This is so true! It may seem selfish to be lovely to ourselves first.. but if we don’t take care of ourselves we have NOTHING to give others! The best thing we can do for other people is to keep a constant sight on our own happiness, and be a shining example to them of what it looks like when you are getting it right!

“A friend of mine shared a wonderful mantra with me that really raises the vibration and feels authentic and true deep down whenever I say it, which is really what counts, the feeling of it. It is: “everything works out for me”

Isn’t that great! It just makes me smile and feel bouncy and joyful. And it really always is true, even if things don’t happen the way I think they will or want them to, they always work out.”

Everything works out for me! and as an addition, everything always has worked out for me (when we look back, is it not easier to see the Divine plan that has been molding us into this beautiful creation we now are standing in this present moment)

Physical, spiritual and mental purity, as a revelation and reaction to our growing love and appreciation for ourselves. When I can feel that everything works out for me, when I am filled with a joyful moment and appreciation and gratitude, there is no room for negativity in that moment. I am doing this (finding more happiness in each moment) as a gift to myself, as a tribute to my worth and value.

I am investing in myself, I am inviting myself to be more trusting.

I had a strong experience this week where through a Divine Technology called VAHS(Voice Analysis Hydration System), I was able to hear my voice without the distortion of my historical vibration. The thing that struck me the most was the quality of my voice, hearing the steady like a rock trust and grace that was present in my voice.

It brought about a new awareness for me. That for many many years I have been working towards minimizing the lows in my life. Moving towards a life more and more full of excitement, ecstasy and bliss. The thing that was surprising for me was that this move has actually been facilitated MOST by my acceptance of what is, my embracing of what is. Cultivating moments of appreciation defiantly, and more importantly cultivating appreciation regardless of the circumstances.

Okay okay I’m getting it, I say. I laugh at myself for how many different books I chose to read that all said the same thing in different ways before I started to feel the reality of this in my life.

Feel good regardless of the circumstances, and then the circumstances get better (That’s what I’ve been reading and telling myself for ages) And you notice, amused, that the circumstances are getting better, because you already feel good (that’s the part I’m getting now, and that means I’m ACTUALLY getting it, haha)

Live free of judgment and you will not suffer for/from your judgments. I remember how upset I was that it was snowing two years ago. Brought to tears and sobbing and helplessness by the temperature being -20 “57 degrees below my body temperature outside, that’s inhuman!” I wailed. I was perhaps forgetting to appreciate that I was inside? That it was 20 above right where I was, and what a miracle really! (It snowed again this week, and I just had to laugh, at the ridiculousness of snow the last week in May, and how pretty the white is over all the green grass)

I am reminded again and again, that life is a selection of ever progressing present moments, that we have power over our own happiness only in this moment. A beautiful friend of mine and I were discussing moments of pain from our pasts, and she shared with me a beautiful concept of whenever a sad memory comes up, it is because a part of us is still living in that past moment. Her solution was to invite our hurting part of ourselves back into this present moment. Offer ourselves a shower under a waterfall, some nurturing, caring, a warm towel, clean clothes and then a hug, fully integrating this part, cleansed and cleared, back into our present moment selves. (Better go grab that “it’s 57 degrees below” version of myself hey?)

So I am realizing more and more (which I all I can ask for really, it’s a learning/growing/expansion process right?) is that The perfect creative stance is satisfaction where I am, and eagerness for more. FEELING the satisfaction, feeling the eagerness, not as mental constructs, but as emotions, as a whole and happy part of myself, that laughs at everything and looks for the good and smile and laugh in everything, that rejoices in the contrasts, that finds humor in the fierceness of the judgments of myself and others. That is me. That is my journey.

Thank you for your sharing and love!

Living in Light,