If people say “no” now, they might say yes later. And that’s a good thing!

Reading Seth Goddin’s The Dip yesterday, and it reminded me that, as long as you continue to work across the same market,

it’s okay if people say no to you right now. In fact it’s a good thing, because it gives you feedback on how to offer a better service and by the time they DO say yes to you,

(days, weeks or months down the line)  you will have a FAR superior product to offer them.  I have a friend who I offered design to 6 months ago, and she said no.  Cut to NOW, and she’s thinking about getting me to design her site.

Which I think is awesome, because NOW I’m in SUCH a better place to offer her exactly what she needs. I have refined my skills and am ready to rock her socks.

This is part of why a regular newsletter is so important!! I was watching “Client Love Connection” video interview the other day and this lady said that 19/20 of the 6 figure heart based entrepreneurs she interviewed had a regular newsletter.  That made me perk up and pay attention, because, well, I’m a little more sporadic with my newsletter than I’d like to be.  She said regular was anywhere from every week to 4 times a year, depending on their clients. I’m personally an advocate of 2-4 times a month, as in the circles I play in,

the energy changes and shifts so fast that there are always new things to write about!!

So, a newsletter is important because it lets you keep yourself in contact with your fans. It also helps to deepen the relationship. They STAYED CONNECTED!
It’s amazing, I was watching a series of videos the other day, (maybe five two minute videos) and by the end of those I felt like I really knew who this woman was, if she was to be trusted and if she had something to offer me.  And she did!

Especially when we acknowledge our “soul brothers and sisters” the connection can be instantaneous, and we know that this is the right person to help us get the transformation we desire!!