Just DO it (It? the thing you’ve been avoiding doing but know you will be better for doing)

“Living in compassion does not mean we have to give away all our possessions, take in every homeless person we meet and fix every difficulty in our extended family and community. Compassion is not co-dependence. It does not mean we lose our self-respect or sacrifice ourself blindly for others. In the West we are confused about this point. We mistakenly fear that if we become too compassionate we will be overwhelmed by the suffering of others. But this happens only when our compassion is one-sided. In Buddhist psychology compassion is a circle that encompasses all beings, including ourselves. Compassion blossoms only when we remember ourself and others, when the two sides are in harmony.

Compassion is not foolish. It doesn’t just go along with others want so they don’t feel bad. There is a yes in compassion, and there is also a no, said with the same courage of heart. No to abuse, no to racism, no to violence, both personal and worldwide. The no is said not out of hate but out of an unwavering care. Buddhists call this the fierce sword of compassion. It is the powerful no of leaving a destructive family, the agonizing no of allowing an addict to experience the consequences of his acts. Wherever it is practiced, compassion brings us back to life.”  – From  Jack Kornfield’s new book The Wise Heart


My thing is, being unreasonably happy, regardless, all the time.

For a long time I thought that if I didn’t get down with other people when they were feeling down, that made me a jerk.   That being shiny and optimistic was rude, confrontational, and uncaring, in the face of their sadness.  What I’ve found, is that all that got me, was a lot of sadness that wasn’t mine. And all it did for other people, was show them they were “right” in their downness, it was so powerful, and could bring other people down too.   What I am working on now, is feeling happy when I’m happy.  Feeling happy when I’m not happy. and feeling happy when others aren’t happy either!
Even when my favorite song was My Messed up Friend and His Backhoe I still got down in the hole with them! I didn’t DO it! (The Painter is the “finale” to the story, and well worth a listen to the lyrics)
That Yoda Dude.. He’s right.. Do or Do not.. There is no try. How do you drop a hot coal that is burning you?   You drop it.  You don’t TRY to drop it.  You just let go, and drop it. (You do have to decide it’s too painful or stupid to hold on to first tho!)

Elena’s Rules for Living

  • Always look for the best in yourself and others
  • be forgiving, especially to yourself
  • Put your whole heart and soul into everything you do, then whatever the outcome, you will know you did your best
  • Always be growing!
  • Be Elena, be true to yourself.. be in love with that self
  • it’s your life, make your own choices, own your choices
  • Honor your body, mind and spirit
  • Life is to be lived- fully and free of regret.
  • you can and will manage all the difficulties you will encounter -every problem holds it’s own solution.
  • have a blast and rock the freaking journey!