Just DO IT… NOW! ;)

“I am more than I appear to be, ALL the beauty, power and strength of the world rests inside of me.” – The Monk who Sold His Fararri (on Amazon)

Reading this book gave me the inspiration for Happiness Bootcamp.   As I read this book, I listen to one character spout the list of things you “should” do to improve your life and attain enlightenment and happiness… and the other character dutifully promising to do each of the actions… as he promises 10 minutes of meditation on a rose, 20 minutes spent in nature, 30 minutes to plan each day out and respect his time, an hour to play with his children and cherish his family etc.. As I read this book, I realize the busy lawyer man has just promised at least 3-4 hours of his day to self development… (not a bad idea, but what are the chances he realizes that he doesn’t have 3-4 hours, and drops the WHOLE program)

I saw the pattern play out that so many of us have been through, that we know what we need to do to be happier, we know which things we would spend more time on, and which things we would drop, but we lack the oomph to actually do it, or the inspiration gets lost amid the chaos and beauty of each day.

So, as cliche as it is post New Years, I’ve been taking 10 minutes a day to exercise.  I’m on day 16 today, and it’s become the most calm and centered 10 minutes of my day (and I’m doing more than 10 minutes now too!) No matter what happens in my day, I have a calm focus period for my moving meditation.

As I’ve been doing, and would welcome you to join me in, is to today, choose ONE thing, and just do it, every day for the next 30 days. (I made myself a chart and give myself a gold star with a smiley face every day, that’s half the goodness for me.. hehe)  Having the self discipline to spend 10 minutes a day just for yourself sets the tone for every other aspect of your life.

Once you’ve decided what this one thing is, get the people you live with, and your community to hold you accountable.  Because I committed to spending 10 minutes a day on myself, my dad and sister join me in my daily task that is JUST for me..  And they do it Just for them!   It’s beautiful to see what an inspiration it is for myself and others to do something just for my happiness and my joy..
You can post YOUR “just do it… now” on my blog, and I will email you every day to hold you accountable to do it!

A Bit of Goodness from the Net..

“If your life was about to become all that you’ve ever dreamed of, what would you need to do right now to prepare yourself?  This is where your focus needs to be”  Read more at Stepping Up and Out in 2011

A Bit of Goodness from elena’s morning ritual of writing what comes…

In each moment I am aware of my body, the energy that is I.  In each moment I am present to what I am doing.  My power is in the present and the feeling of endless possibilities.  My joy rests in the complete acceptance of each moment and possiblity. From each moment there branches a million possible outcomes.  I choose in each branch of possibility to embrace the one I am in, and know the perfection of these moments.

Am I injured by my past?  Only to the degree that I continue to live in it, give it power, and identify with it.  When I have truly stepped from my past and into my present, I have not only forgiven, but forgotten.  In those moments when I am wholly present, my whole self and energy is collected and centered and infinitely more powerful.  Whatever mental decision in each moment needs to be made to have that feeling in each moment.. MAKE IT! Do not think that the actions of others or things outside will bring that feeling of oneness, know that you are one, and the only tools needed are within and of you, your body and your breath. Nothing external is responsible for your feeling of achieving or lacking enlightenment.  Only your decision to be, the only place you can be, the place of power, in the right now. Do or do not, there is no try..

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