Knowing, Winning, Manifesting Instantly

These audio’s and text come from a conversation I had with my good friend Sam, you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter

Knowing (32 sec)

Every possible outcome exists.. and all i did was put myself in the timeline where it happened instantly.. I consciously chose the timeline in which that which I desired happened NOW, there also exist timelines where it happened tomorrow, or a week from now, or when I’m 85.  I choose the timeline where it happens now.

When we open our mind to anything is possible, it makes it easy to believe that time doesn’t exist, and that infinite possibilities exist.  When we forget about what everyone else knows, and start to make things up.. it makes a whole lot of sense..

For example, someone could walk in and drop a bag of gold on my doorstep.. it all depending on what i want to focus on.. For me, with the bag of gold, there are a whole lot of questions that come up around that bag of gold, where did the gold come from? Who is the person who left it there? Why did they give it to me?  There are a whole bunch of questions that create disbelief..

TO create powerfully in our lives, we can say to those questions, I don’t know how.. I only know NOW!

To take it one step further say to the universe “I have no f**king clue how this will happen.. I know that can’t see anything of possibility, compared to the infinite possibility of the universe.. but I know have created this thing I desire, and by letting go of the HOW, I allow (allow, don’t know how! haha).. I create it.

All that god asked of man in the creation of this garden, was “you can have anything you want but do not ask how it comes about!” All of the elements in the universe who have wanted to create their own planet, that had the harmony and the peace of earth.. they wanted to know how god created this.. with such harmony…

That’s the agreement.. man was bestowed in his image.. the agreement was you can create anything you want, just don’t try to figure out how it comes about..

God understands in his infinite wisdom, that the asking, and allowing is enough, that “the how” is the birthing of disbelief, of questioning, of delay of manifestation.

When you follow that rule you can do anything.. when you ask HOW.. you strip yourself of that belief in the power of creation..

If I was to summarize this … it’s about connecting yourself with your inner conffidence.. your inner brilliance.. none of the information that I have that I’ve learned that works is “new”. It’s not something that someone made up.. it’s about BECOMING this.. about having it be in your every day.. the gift that I have in this, that’s different than everyone else is the simplicity..

When jesus went up to someone and healed them, he would walk up to them and say “you are healed” He didn’t say “you will be healed a week from now”… he believed it so much.. he just knew that they were healed..

From different angles… human body made of flesh and blood, a spirit, which is immortal and can never be harmed or destroyed.. spirit doesn’t have disease, or sickness.  When one reminds the spirit that it is already whole and healed, the body aligns.

Say to the spirit and body “Remember that time when we were all perfect, and it had no sickness or disease.. remember the time that you were perfect..that you were free from disease… when you were healed..”  The body replies “oh yea, I remember that”  and instantly it brings it about…

There are two things really necessary to learning and growing in life… Number One.. What is your willingness to learn.. Number Two… What is your wiliness to change.. You need to have both of those to create changes that you desire for your life… Learn what it is that EVERYONE you meet has to teach you… I can learn something from everyone.. and when we see each person as an opportunity for learning and change our relationships are better, we learn more, we are more open to learning.  We relate more authentically, and are more aware of the unique beauty of those around us… that is REAL harmony..

Find the people you most admire and see what they do, spend time with them.. you can learn things very quickly this way.. once you’ve gathered information you can start making decisions.. until we’ve gathered the information we might not want to make those decisions… and trust equals the abliity to make those decsions with less information.