Who wants to WORK? Let’s PLAY!! (how to quit your job, and have a beachbum life)

Haixia Restort Mexico

Haixia Restort Mexico our weekend Getaway

I’ve just finished taking 2 weeks “off” from my normal work week (which was averaging 2 hours a day 4 days a week). It happened unintentionally when I was just having too much fun in my average day to bother opening the computer.  I occasionally had a guilty feeling when I looked at my iPod, so I just forgot about it’s email/schedule/to do list features and continued to leave it playing Queen while we rocked out on breakfast.

OMG alexander degreat

OMG alexander degreat


It was an interesting experiment. And what I’ve learned is this.  Manifestation is phenomenal.

During the two weeks I was off I created :

  1. A beautiful lake town house to stay for free this summer. (derek aranged it)
  2. $800/month for walking lovely dogs 2 weeks a month.
  3. A new client who is JUST looking for graphics, sweet!
  4. Securing a location for the coffee shop.
  5. Finally touring the B&B house.
  6. More love and kisses than ever.
  7. Watching my son learn how to play in the ocean waves responsibly.
  8. Boogie Boarding with alex for the first time
  9. Sea Kyaking, and riding waves in to shore!
  10. Dancing in the streets whenever someone drives by playing music (frequently)
  11. Playing with an Iguana with local kids, and learning respect for nature with them.
  12. Beautiful Sunset proposals (yes more than one, every day infact!!)
  13. Feeling completely calm, at peace, and in love with life.
  14. The courage to say that RIGHT NOW, is more important than the future.
  15. Learning how to slow down.
  16. How to feel complete, in every situation
  17. Letting go of the guilt of “doing” enough or being “enough”
  18. An awareness that my places of “hurry” are also my places of stuckness.
  19. Realizing that Slowing Down gets you there faster and more pleasently.


Lots of good learnings, lots of beautiful creations.


Derek and Elena DeGreat Kissing

Derek and Elena DeGreat Kissing

So I’m on my way to “work” again today, after 2 weeks off. I leave my beloved derek in the streets to return home. I walk… I realize I’m walking SO fast. Like 3 times faster than I ever walk in town. Slow down elena.


So I slow down.


As I slow my walk down, my mind picks up. It’s rushing, thinking about all the things that I need to do, worrying about whether I’m in trouble (with who??) for my time off. All sorts of craziness. My walk speeds up! Slow down elena. (even just writing this, my whole body gets tense).


So I was intentional in my slowness. I walked down the street. Admiring the view, as I always do. The ocean at the end of my street always blows my mind. I love it every day. But today with “work looming” I was thinking so heavily that I didn’t even see what was infront of me.Like my visiual cortex got caught in a super thought loop and separated from the world infront of me. Mind blowing.

Derek and Elena DeGreat Goofy Guys!

Derek and Elena DeGreat Goofy Guys!


So I forced myself to chill out. Slow down, breathe. Look around.


Why am I in such a rush to go do the thing that I don’t want to do? I haven’t rushed in 2 weeks for anything, and it’s a bizare feeling for me.  Do I want to rush there so I can get it over with?  I don’t know.


But I do know, that it is this rush, that I hate about my work. It’s the only time I enter into a “time” reality. Over the last two weeks I forgot what day of the week it was… repeatedly. It was delicious taste of the REAL world. In which time is really an illusion, the only thing that marks the changing days are the moon and the stars. The preciousness of a friendship is in the time you spend together, he love you share is passionate and temporal, and in which the REAL NOW moment is delicious and enticing and the thing you yearn for when you wake up.  Or maybe you want to daze in sleep some more. Whatever you desire.


So I vowed to take it slow. Bring my lunch to the hammoc, set the laptop down, don’t even open it. Eat lunch, drink water, delicious. Think about what I’m going to do later on the laptop.. Slow down… CHILL elena.


Alexander DeGreat Hammok Time!

Alexander DeGreat Hammok Time!

Finally I open it. I promised myself I would CREATE something first and foremost (hence the note), so I sat down and wrote.


Then I re-read this note, and went.. .Damn I’m good.

I finally understood that when they said “And then on the seventh day, she rested.”  They really meant it.  Joyful Creation, or Bust.


Derek and Alexander DeGreat (in Bed!!)

Derek and Alexander DeGreat (in Bed!!)

So now I endeavor to make the work I do play. If it’s not play, it’s not helping me accomplish my higher goals.

A journey taken in anguish leads to anguish, a journey taken in hope, leads to hope. A journey taken in JOY, leads to JOY!


Since what I’ve been doing is awesome, I want to share it with you! In a playful joyful manner! If you want some Elena (and Derek and Alex DeGreat!) goodness in your life, let me know. We’re doing a Summer/Fall Tour in western Canada/USA and would love to come visit you!  We’ll be in Calgary and Sylvan Lake Starting June 8th, and in Vancouver area August 13-Sept 9 or later??

If you’re interested in doing Life Upgrade work with Elena *aka you dig my life and you want more of that in your life*  Check out Life Upgrade Info



If you’re interested in coming to mexico next Fall (or want me to do an in your home spiritual retreat) Send me a reply to this email, and we’ll connect!



In much much love!