Living Heaven (you can do!)

Hey Guys!


Elena Harder Artwork Evolving Humanity

It’s been a long time! I’ve been living in Mexico again.  Making Sacred Beach Art. Happy shells find me, and ask me to put little inspiring sayings in them.

The shells always speak the truth, and it’s beautiful to see them find homes.  I’ve also been creating beautiful Sarong-Sari-BabyWearing-Exercising on the beach – Rocking it out peices of fabric (like the green in the picture).  It’s a hot dress!   and a baby wearing assistant.. it blows my mind!!!

This is Mani!! He’s a good friend of ours, Alex is reaching for a popsicle, and or helping him push it down the beach! What an angel!

Manuel Mani the icecream man

Alexander DeGreat Pondering Alexander DeGreat Pondering

Hank and Alexander DeGreat
Making New Friends with Old friends!   Hank and Alex Playing the Guitar
Elena Angel Harder Happy

Elena Angel Happy Harder

And this is where I am living.  This is the beautiful street (less cars these days, actually).. haha

Sayulita Town sayulita-mexico-surfing-beach_20481_600x450and yes it looks like this around sunset most days..

Ive been pondering more often shorter blog posts, so that’s what’s going to happen!! I love you, and I want you to know that  anything is possible!! More of the story coming soon!!

Love Elena Angel Happy Harder