Master of Enrollment Notes

..Enrolling people is not about you.. it’s not about YOU Getting YOUR client.. it’s about knowing that you can truly help your client…

to successfully be a master of enrollment… continue to place your highest focus on the greatest good of the other person.. Can really help them?  Yes I can..

They shared a story that this guy “failed” to enroll a lady in coaching.. and saw her 8 years later, and she was still complaining about the SAME JOB she had 8 years ago..

“so, about 15-20 min ago you really described what you want, and i was so jazzed with it.. and all i wanted to do was take you by the hand and travel that journey with you.. you also told me this was a 9 or 10 on your priorities., and now what i hear from you is that you can’t afford it.. and we can look at your bank account or your cheque book.. and that will tell us something..  on one hand you are telling me this is really really important to you.. and on the other hand you are telling me you aren’t willing to make this investment.. i became your partner when you described this dream with me… you don’t have to hire me..I can give you the names of 5 other coaches, and books or resources you can read and do.. but what i do want to see out of this conversation is that you really follow up on making htis dream happen for you.. and you feel you have all the resources you need to make that turn, because that is the most important thing”

I want this… I want this dream for you!

the only time i ever struggle, is when i am not committed to my dream…

when you follow the steps “Just to get a client” it doesn’t work.. it works when.. you are out to help people in their lives.. to make a difference.

overcoming the fear of rejection…

knowing that what i do, and how i do it .. is not a match for everyone.. not everyone needs to be my client.. but the more clear i get about what i do, the more clear the results clients get when they work with me.. the more i am myself, the more people have a natural resonance with me… and being totally okay when I am not a match..

committed to match making.. (who i am, is a match to the fundamental need of my perspective client) I get goosebumps!

working with me is the best thing they can do .. to get what they want..

it would be my honor to be your … coach/healer..

you are enrolling them because you know it in your core that you are doing this to be help to them..

I totally want to work with you, I want to help you with this.. speak from this place of goosebumps and connection…