Money, Self Love and Happiness (What more could a girl ask for??)

Why the fuck is my money so messed up?


It’s messed up because you’re messed up about it. You feel out of wack so it goes all crazy on you. What needs to happen is you need to chill the fuck out. Relax. If you do not pay your visa bill it is not the end of the world. REALLY?? Ask yourself. Is it true? I think not!!


You tell yourself the story your parents told you.


cheer leaders evolving humanity

cheer leaders evolving humanity

Money doesn’t grow on trees (why do you think we’ve banned Hemp production? It’s the closest that humans and nature have come to creating money that grows on trees, oil, food, medicine. All in one plant.


Anyways. I digreesss..


Money. It’s a gas.. It make everything go and flow and it’s … the best..


I’ve done this before.. This is your assignment now.

Money Cleanse.


This is an impromptu money cleanse. I want you to stop right now and sit. Hit reply and email back to me, or grab a piece of paper and go!! And write, brainstorm everything you can that comes to mind when you say.





Money.. It’s a gas.. Can’t seem to figure out how to make the cash.. Love when I find some on the floor but it’s not usually lots. It’s great when it comes, it seems ephemeral and then goes. It’s so interesting to see how it comes


Money. Is something I take seriously, is something I’m learning to play with more. Money is something I love the sound of. Money is something that I love playing with. Money is the funny coupon that says that yes I can have something. I need to get more coupons. The cards are tricky, because they make you think you have an unending supply of money, and then they cost you later. Those cards are tricky. I think i’ll stick with cash.. Less pa per trail. Good for the environment


Money. Is easy to create, every time I pop on facebook someone asks me to do something ot help them in exchange for money. It’s lovely.


derek Something Something Darkside Evolving Humanity

derek Something Something Darkside Evolving Humanity

Money hasn;t really been trouble for me except for the trouble I’ve been making in my mind. Everything seems to work out. It’s lovely. I love having the money to pay off my visa bill. My visa bill is the most stressful thing in my life. I’d love to get rid of it. I should go take some directed action and see if I can fix that. It would be beauitufl. I can take two steps, so I will.


Money, symbolizes my lack of service to the world. I needed to learn how to be beautiful to myself so that I could sustain and hold the amounts of money that are about ot come my way. It’s actually a form of energy, and to be able to maintain that flow of energy through myself is a phenomenal thing. I am delighted at the deliciousness of money. I can see it flowing in and around my space like Derek does into and out of my life. I am ready finally and fully to open and surrender to the flow of the universe. To know that I am delicious and delightful, and that I am able to allow it to flow. I understand the creation of containers, of dreams, of projects for the money to flow into. I understand that I don’t need to complete these dreams myself. That infact my gift is so often brining these women together. To hold the vision of what is to happen, and to bring the correct people in to play. To be the condiut and the measage and the life force and the power that allows people to align with their highest good, best self.


Dear-Son Alexander Degreat Evolving Humanity

Dear-Son Alexander Degreat Evolving Humanity

To be in my essence an aligning force. To create and to learn and to be the change I see in the world. To know that the changing face of my world, is really the changing face of my own soul. The evolution of consciousness as we know it.


We are one. All is one. Beauty is in everything, and some things I just don’t want to look at, because it’s not my journey. When I release and move on, life is beautiful! I have all the beautiful friends I want. I can see the external manifestation of myself in the people around me. In the success and the growth of those around me. I look for my best. I look for my soul, for the best in myself in others. I know that what I see, I am capable of. I know that what I do, I am capable of. I know that I am worthy and perfect by being here completely and alive in every moment.


Focused, beautifully on this present moment. Aligning my vision and my reality. So that what I see is gorgeous, so that what I see is always presenting me with something for my further attunement and alignment.


It’s full moon time and I messed up my foot. Stepped on broken glass. I asked for help removing the piece, but it was something I was to do myself. Before we started, I listened to the voice that said, center thyself. And I did. As I poked at this piece of glass and asked it to gently remove itself from my foot, I realized that I had been ungrounded, that this injury had caused me to look down, slow down, ground to deal with the pain. Ground to deal with the helplessness. Gound to relax and to sing a song in a time of pain and discomfort.


These moments pull and change and course through. Let it Be. It’s beautiful as it is. To HAVE to ask for help from my spouse. He had been helping really well, and then more of the tasks fell to me. So I hurt myself (Divinely) to create a need to ask for help.

The question becomes. What would it take for me to ask for the help I need without the injury. This would take a complete and beautiful self love.

We’ve established, a bunch of women, that self care is essential to success. There have been studies that success is directly tied to happiness *read more here*. So….

Get Happy! The easiest way is to put a smile on your face. When you face is smiling, it’s lovely and life feels good, and you activate those success hormones in your body, and actually exert more power over situations than you would otherwise. *Fake it till you make it*

If you could use a little (or a lot) of support to step into your next life (you know, the things you’ve been wanting).  Consider getting a Soul Love Letter crafted Each one is unique and speaks  the complete and utter beauty that you are in this beautiful version of the divine.  Every wrinkle is cherished in these letters, it;s like a hug that wraps you up and tells you everything is alright!  It’s beautiful!

Send me a note if you’re interested in a hand crafted love letter for yourself today.  Bring out your inner glow and shine!  Introductory prices start at free for the first person to respond to this, and a donation that is “worth it” and a little more than free for the second.. 🙂 Lol,.. (this is my authetic pricing system for the moment, so I’m cool with that)

loree cowling experience you evolving humanity

loree cowling experience you evolving humanity