Now Life comes with instructions! (and so does Elena)

So I was chatting with a friend, and we were talking about how he reads the instructions on every peice of technical equipment that passes his hands. Even though he knows how it works, he reads it anyways.   And I was sharing a story about how I compulsively read “how to” baby books, even though I rarely learn something new from them.

And I began thinking.

What if we had instructions for something that actually mattered?


Something that most people feel they have no idea how to make work “properly”. and are often baffled by the behavior they encounter.


I’m talking instructions for romantic relationships.


What if they came with a guidebook?  Actually there are lots out there.  What I REALLY mean is a personalized guidebook. What if each and every person we dated came with a list of their likes/dislikes and warnings.   1. 2. 3. 4.  Here are my minimum requirements. Here are my optimal operating conditions, Here are some troubleshooting tips if I’m acting psycho.  (as the men in the room breath a sigh of relief at the idea)


We all know the stereotype of women wanting flowers for V-day. I personally have scoffed loudly at the tradition of valentines day flowers to my significant other and anyone who would listen, secretly hoping I’d get some anyways.  What I NEVER did, was make it clear to my partner what I wanted.  If I had, my chances of getting flowers, go WAY WAY up!


So. What I’m doing now is writing an “Instructions for Living with, Loving and Cherishing Elena”


That’s right. I now come with instructions.


And I can use it as a little joke whenever I ask for something “Rule #63 states that Elena would love it if you invited her over to watch the Rider game.”


Writing this kind of list sets you up for success! You are stating what it is you desire, how you are wanting to be treated, and you’ve made it clear that anything less will not be tolerated.

So, you’re homework, should you choose to accept it.  Is to RIGHT NOW Start writing your list!

If you’re single, write the list, and then start DOING the things on the list with yourself!  Want massages, massage your feet yourself!  Want romantic dinners, you can have romantic dinners for one (and if you can’t.. you need to learn how to love yourself a bit better!)!

If you’re in a relationship,  Share this article with your partner, and have a good laugh, and then WRITE YOUR FREEKING INSTRUCTIONS! And then swap them. You could also make copies, cut them into strips and pull one each from a jar each week as your weekly Love Building Assignment!


So what are you waiting for?  You deserve it! Start with your top 5 rules, you won’t regret it!