Powerful Marketing – Using Your Creative Blitz

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Ever notice how hard it can be to make time to be creative?


I know that as a mom, I almost never make time to get my Art Groove on.

I get all these amazing ideas for projects and they somehow never get done. Life gets in the way. work, kids, appointments, commitments, they eat up all your time and when you do get a moment to yourself you just want to RELAX for a sec! Doing creative work never seems to take priority, mostly because we don’t think of it as being as important as work work.

But YOU still have a vision! It needs to be coaxed out into the open and given some freakin’ love!

So how do we do this? How can we make the time for what is really the most soul-feeding, goal-reaching, important thing of all when we HAVE no time?

The same way you can go on vacation in Hawaii with pocket change; little bits at a time. Little nibbly snacks for the soul when you don’t have time to feed it a great big tasty meal.

When you are waiting for files to upload, stuck in traffic, waiting for the bus, waiting for your appointment, waiting, waiting, waiting!  We all have some little creative bits we can do with our waiting time, our “wasted” or “lost” time. Sketch out ideas, doodle, write notes to yourself, daydream, use the voice record function on your phone to brainstorm.

Pretty soon you get involved in the ideas you are generating. You get excited. You suddenly resent it when the gridlock eases or the receptionist calls your name and puts an end to that lovely brainstorming session. You get fired up and motivated and you don’t want to stop THERE. Maybe you start to think of other little bits of time you have so you can get back to it. MAYBE you even start to find ways to MAKE the time or TAKE the time as you realize that the ideas coming out of little old you are actually solid and valuable and deserve to be nurtured.

This is the important part. Once you get the creative juices flowing, RUN WITH IT.

It is amazing how much you can get done when you are inspired and energized. If you blog, you might find yourself writing several articles in one go. This is called CREATIVE BLITZ, and it is powerful.

How can you make your dream come true if you don’t even take time to dream it? Whose dream is this anyway? Yours, right? And if you believe enough in the dream, how can it not come true?

But it can’t if you don’t, so do. Start with little bits of change and watch them grow HUGE.


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