Pretty vs Beautiful. (and 20 reasons you’re amazing!)

I got a comment from someone who is very dear in my life the other day.  “god, you’re beautiful” and although I tell people they are beautiful all the time, when it was given back to me, I freaked out.  That’s inapropriate, I don’t know what to do with that, what does it mean, etc.

I’m telling the story of my reaction to a different friend, and as I do I hear myself say these words.  “I just don’t get why I’m freaking out so much, I know I’m pretty, it’s just so hard to hear it from someone else.”  And the gears go, click, click, click, into place, as I hear what I said.  “I know I’m pretty”.. Pretty.. Pretty, … pretty is not beautiful, it’s different, different word, different connotation, and I can SAY the word pretty in relation to myself, where as I can’t seem to make my mouth form the WORD “beautiful” if I know that the rest of the sentance has to do with me.

My darling friend says. “we all see you as beautiful, we can’t all be wrong can we?”

To which I retort.  None of you spend as much time with me as I do.  You don’t see me when I don’t like me.


When did we learn to be so hard on ourselves.  When did we learn to be our own harshest critic.  Look at kids, they KNOW they rock the world, that they are the masters of their own universe, and everyone elses for that matter.

Let’s get back to that.

How do I do that?  By practicing.  I’ve started telling myself I’m beautiful in the mirror.  When I hear myself going.. uggg belly fat.. or .. shouldn’t eat that cookie, or .. wow that was a stupid thing to do.  I correct myself!  One of the best peices of wisdom I’ve heard is that “we beleive our thoughts to be true, every one of them. While in actuality most of our thoughts are false, negative self talk, that serves us not”  I beleive in being impecable with my word, THE BEST place to start (and the only one really) is with how we talk to ourselves.

What compliments have you given your self today?

Assignment:  Write down atleast 20 things that make you a really amazing person. A minimum of 20.  And don’t cop out.  If anyone is worth it, you are.

here’s my list.

I’m always willing to help.
I’m really good at learning new things.
I love sharing stories wit htohers
I’m great at listening
I’m an amazing mum.
I do everything as best I can all the time
I’m pretty
I AM beautiful.
I enjoy sharing what I have with others
I forgive myself when I change my mind
I laugh easily
I find joy in the smallest things
I know that my joy comes from myself inside
I am able to share that and inspire others
I’m really amazing at design.
I’m always ready for an adventures
I’m open minded
I’m getting better at following through with my decisions
I’m finding/making the time to learn how to take care of myself
I give great hugs
I know how to give really sincere compliments to others
I’m dedicated to always growing as a person.

Wow.. The first 5 were easy, the second five were SUPER tough, and then it got easier.  By 20, I could have kept going!! How about you?? Be brave and share your 20 things in the comments section below..