re-Birthing is Stressful, and stress helps you grow!

The issue at hand, is the feeling of stress.  You’re stressed, your stressed, and you create less.  What is up, is that you’re really actually LAZY.. You do less work than a trophy wife lady.  Really, the stress is all in your mind, and  created from feeling like you work all the time.  Open your eyes, to see that what you want is already here, already be’s.


The thing that’s missing, your responsablity to lazy stress, is to open recieve, and be less stressed!! The responsibility we have is to enjoy the ride, whatever it may look like, manifesting outside.  Receptivity, requires, relaxation and rest, it also requires movement and laughter and love and creation of best!


What to do next is to be a FOOL. Stepping blindly into every moment, trusting and true.  Trusting trusting that the world is giving to me, exactly what I want, and that there is joy in everything I see.

Forget the hurt, the anger the pride, remember to see what’s outside, inside.

You’re also scared to make a decision, make it now, so you can learn from it faster.  When you say to the world, this is what I want to see, it gives it back to you, or gives you something to learn from, (with GLEE!) 🙂


Today I decide to finish my projects, by letting them go, or go getting on them! When I travel this world with glee and with  gladness, I let go of torture and sadness.

I am re-birthed, innocent and free.  Free to be what?? Free to be ME!!! I move each day through thick and through thin, understanding it only hurts if I let it in.  🙂  So dancing I move.

Birthed from within.  A brand new me.  Ready to WIN!


I release the stress, the lazy indeed.  I dedicate myself to a funny poem,, and every day a good deed.  A good deed for myself! To wake up and laugh, to smile and spin, and splash in the bath! Have fun Have FUN! Be joyful and prosperous.  Be something something that rhymes with prosperous.  🙂


That’s all for today! See you soon lovely people!! Be trusting today!