Realizing “waiting” as Beauty

As time and space move within each other and become more truly themselves in their true nature, so we come and become more and more our true selves.

I trust, realize and know that by the “time” this reaches you, you are already living the truth of your own being.  You know how to embrace your worry and fear and know their perfection, and their place in the power of your creation.

You are infinte in your ability tyo create, and your attention to those aspects you deam “negative” is still attention, and creates as uniquely and powerfully.

Waiting is not yet filled, and as you more and more find your peace and unconditional love of the journey, aka “waiting”, ahh.. what beaty unfolds.

In each moment an infitne host of Love listens to your words, and creafts for you the world you desire, in your “resistance” you are walking as if a mad man, intent on the destination and missing the roses.

So let us amble and scamper from rose to rose, let us joyously celebrate each one, and feel the complete freedom as we scamper towards/in our glorious exploration.

In love, Immesurable,


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