Simple Happy ways to Change your life!!

So Why Joy?? 

Without joy there is nothing.  I have experienced living in Paradise, Mexico over the winter, happy, sunny, beachy, kids playing, fresh fruit, drinks, friends.   For weeks, months at a time.

When you live like that, when you really LIVE the dream.  When Play is work, and work is play, for everyone around you.  People making a living hanging at the beach or surfing all day.  You really throw into perspective the things you’re compromising on.  Where does the mind wander, where is it searching for suffering.  Living like this for months at a time is the best personal work I’ve ever done.  It’s heaven, and if you’re not evolving, it feels like hell.

Joy is the balm, the salve, and the healing of every wound.  Not enjoying where you’re sitting, find a new place.  Not enjoying the company, enjoy your own more.  Or leave, or change. or shift.  When in paradise, why settle for less.  The freedom to change your mind.  The freedom to explore boundaries and joy.  Yes!!

girls painting
Why Rituals of Love?

Saying I love you to yourself throughout the day is the most important !!! It makes you feel loved, supported, and shows you that you can do things to make you feel more confident and happy instantly!!!

If you haven’t already.   Take 2 minutes now to change your life and set 3 alarms on your phone through out the day, (Playing your favorite song) and every time they ring spend 2 minutes telling yourself you love yourself, kissing your arms, and dancing to the rockin it song! 🙂  That’s right! ! Do it right now..

Sacred Beach Art
Why a Sacred (beach) Life??

The most important lesson of my adult life is that I really can be and do and have anything I want.  I still look around at my life and wonder how I got here?
I can tell you it came through following my heart, letting go of everything I thought, and finding my own path.

I’ve been exploring these 13 Sacred Words.  Even just looking at them makes me happier.  I’ve been making little pretty shells and goodness to show them off!!




In all the crazyness.  (packing up my whole life in less than a week, a couple of times with a 2 year old will do that to you) I find the courage to continue and to live a RAWsome life!! I’m so happy to be here, and so happy to know that my own Joy is in my own hands.
I want to have more happy people happen.  If you’re wanting to feel more joyful, alive and excited in your life, I’m launching my free 21 day Life Upgrade program starting this week and would love to have you along.  If you’re interested in joining me on this awesome journey, just send me an email with the words LIFE UPGRADE in the title.  🙂 Will get you on board!!


I love you! thank you again for being you!  Beautiful creature!! Every day should be more awesome than the last!





Alexander DeGreat

Alexander DeGreat