Smile – Because of Everything!

Feb. Sayulita alexander degreat shorts rocksalexander degreat smileThank you for reading this. You are a spectacular human being, full of love and sorrow for the earth and your journey here. Welcome to the newest version of radical self expression by elena Louise angel Harder

breathe… Breathe… Breathe….

Again and again, I watch myself reach new levels of joy, and also watch myself travel through new ways to self sabatoge in that joy….moving through… I dont what my gifts are-how to share them-watching self know both and not do it-yet….

Always new experiences of choosing joy or not joy. Full self expression or not.

As ive moved from happy-depressed-happy at my parents to happy-depressed-bliss-hopeless-pleased and married-single-happy-sad-overwhelmed-resigned-joyful at my mexico house…

i realize that I really do continue to come back to a core set of tools that have served to make the best of me in this most glorious passionate desolate delicious adventure!! And that sharing the evolving and extatic practice of them with other people has become integrally important to my own happiness.

alexander degreat reading

I’ll be writing about these core tools breathe in this and the next series of blog posts, with the aim of sharing the tools that kept my head above the water-living above the line-in hope-and happy as far as most people saw from the outside. The inside journey has been full of hope-doubt-love-hate-joy-bliss.

I will be sharing the game changing rules of Elena’s life in drawing and text combo form!!


Here’s simple TOOL #1.  tool-1---the-smile  - evolving humanity simple tools for happiness right now


Why does this work??

To put it simply, your body doesn’t know better.  A quick smile won’t do anything, but a prolonged smile (30 seconds or more, I like to say 1 minute for good measure), starts the chemical process that releases endorphins (yumm), and seratonin (yeaaahhh!), into your bloodstream, and after that, well, your smile will power it’self.  🙂 Good stuff in my books, and it’s the tool I come back to over and over again in case of an attack of extreme sadness.  🙂


When you REALIZE you’re upset about something (as opposed to simply just BEING upset, and not realizing), you have reached a certain level of awareness around your own emotional state.  As soon as you realize sadness/frustration/overwhelm, you are in a position to change it.  You don’t feel the way you want to, you can change your physical body.  Mind over Body.  Body over Emotions.  Intentional Emotions = awesomeness all around.

Hope you enjoyed that!!! The intention from me is to simply share more of who i am with all of you who are my friends and soul family. And I find that as I rock my truth, others feel free to self express in their own way.

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Did you do a 1 minute smile?? It’s tougher to do than you would think.  Set a timer, and commit to holding it untill the timer goes.  Do it right now!

If you feel inspired by what you see, share it with someone who you think of right now!!

I love you deeply, and desire to connect more often!! 🙂 let me know what you thought, what you’re celebrating these days, and what you’re struggling with these days when it comes to joy, and how life in general is going? I love you again!!

E Angel