Stress Helps you Learn!

(there’s a christmas letter coming in the next 2 weeks or so, where I’ll give you updates on my life, for hte mean time, you get my insight of the week, as usual! haha)

I learned today that stress and the adrenaline produced actually is the thing that allows our brains to create new pathways..

Every time you have a streesful/adreneline rush, your brain opens up to learn new things!

SO… how do we use this.  Well, when we are babies and first born, we use this rush to open up new pathways to figure out how to breath, what this cold air is all about, where safe mama is, how to understand this new world we’re living in.   We continue to have this pattern of stress/unknown/growth throughout our adult lives.


As an adult today, I had a friend call me on some of my “stuff” and it made me want to kick and scream and fight, instead i went off on my own for a bit and pondered, expanded my awareness, and searched for a new solution, one between mine and his.


Let me share the details of the story with you.


I had a history of listning to someone elses heart.  I drove my relationship into the ground by always trying to make his heart happy intsead of my own.  My backlash, was/is to speak my truth bluntly, all the time, with no consideration of other peoples feelings.  My heart must be spoken, is my rule.


Upon pondering this (in my adrenaline induced new brainwiring state, AWESOME!)

I realized that there had to be a middle way.  I was swinging wildly from silence to outspoken to the point of rudness.  And I realized.

It IS important to me how other people feel (which is why I was “quiet and polite” about my negative thoughts before.)

Within my own reality, I know that it is important to speak and share with others our observations, because so often we can’t see our own stuff (like I couldn’t see this!), I used to do it from a place of overwhelment, (this is ENOUGH!) etc.

My new path, is to bring these insights up, as they come, and are small, and that I can do that from a place of love, which allows them to hear it more easily.


So that’s my story for today.


So the next time someone triggers you, know that your perceptions are hightened, your brain and your body are open, and consicously LOOK right away, for the 3rd way, for the path to freedom,

enlightenment, evolution, between the two options you have (for example, overwhelmed and unable to choose between chocolate or strawberry filled donuts, i bought both. haha).


Use your fear.  Look for the 3rd way, the lesson, find something to be greatful for.  Find the Gift.


Be yourself.  Use it to change hte world.


Love e