Surfing is teaching me about life.



There’s a HUGE power in finishing what you started… Let me explain… No, let me just tell you a story, and then I’ll explain.


So 6 years ago, I went to australia, and said “I’m going to get tan, and buff, and learn how to surf” .. I spent 12 months in OZ, and a good chunk of that in surf towns.  No surfing.


4 years ago, went to Tofino, the surf town in Canada, for like 2 months, lived 4 minutes from the beach, and never got in the water.


Shortly after that, I moved to a surf town in mexico.  Spent 6 months there, watched the people surf every day, and got in the water with a board twice, to get thrashed, and think “maybe this isn’t for me, but I wannna!”


Forward to this year… I arrived and said >THIS YEAR I”M FUCKING DOING IT!!!  I’m going to learn to surf… 4 months later, I still haven’t touched a board.  (oh, I’ve got to find a baby sitter AND a surf instructor, not likely.. blah blah.. .excuses… and I could hear myself making them, and I made them anyways)..


So like a month ago, I went.. THis is enough, I WANT to learn.  I asked one of my friends, if he had a good beginner board, and he said yes, it needed some repairs, but i could pick it up when it was fixed.   The road started.  2 weeks later, we picked up the board (minus a fin and a leash, which I understand are important to the practice of surfing).  A week later, we’d found a leash, 2 days later, we had a fin! ALL OF IT TOGETHER, I’m ready!!!


2 days later.  I still haven’t gone… soon…


1 day later.  Sitting on the beach with the board… yes!!!

That day.. I sat on the beach for like an hour, the waves were perfect beginner waves, perfect.  (I’d spent enough time watching everyone else to know it was a good day to jump in).


And it still took me an hour, sitting next to Derek, who was also trying to get up the guts to get on the board and go.

I realized I wanted him to go first, I kind of wanted to go first, I was scared of looking dumb, I didn’t want to fall, what if I did it wrong.   I’m waiting for derek to go first…. I ask him if he’s going to go soon, I say if he doesn’t go in the next 5 minutes, I’ll just go first.  We sit in silence for the next 5 minutes, both trying to work up the courage.  Then I get frustrated with waiting for him and get up to go, and he gets up, walks to the board, straps it to his ankle, and hops in the ocean.


I cheer him on, and hoot and hollar when he stands up on his first wave, and after about 45 minutes, he comes back in and I go out, and get up on my 2nd try! Horay!!!  The sense of accomplishment, and the rush of the waves is exhillerating.  I feel alive, and I jump off the board and fall into the water with glee, and then hop back on to catch another wave.


I come back to the beach, and sit.  Derek takes a picture of me with the surf board… 🙂 I feel like a genuine surfer chick.. 🙂 I live in a surf town, and I’ve now been surfing.  AWESOME.

I sit there and watch the waves.  I feel… like I’ve taken a huge step towards the ME I want to be, and I ponder the metaphor of surfing to life.


The pattern of intention, and failing to follow through, the intention, and the actions not taken, the pattern of intention and a mini action taken, the frustration I felt with getting a board without all the pecies it needed (like taking a course, but not implementing it, or like rushing back into a relationship that wasn’t ready to be good yet).  I ponder the divine timing of the world, that 6 years ago I set the intention to start surfing, and knew that one day it would be a huge part of my life, understood the ballance of waiting and intense action, understood the crashing and returning to the mother ocean, and the zen and connection it would create in me.  I watched over the last 6 years as I played small in this space, and in my life, and the chaos it created in my financial life.  (If I look at my financial history, the day I decided to surf and failed to act and make it happen, my finances took a downward spiral turn)


I knew when I set the intention to start surfing 6 years ago that it would be a big part of my life, but for whatever reason I wasn’t ready.

The waves scared me.  I spent a good chunk of the last 4 months looking at “waves” in the metaphorical sense. Understanding that I love jumping through waves, and that I can love jumping through waves of fear too.

That the sense of glee it creates to dive under and through, and come victorious out the other side, reaching for fresh breath.  That the best thing to do underwater is exhale.  When I’m feeling the crap, to let as much of it out as I can,

so that I am in a fresh and open place to see something new on the other side of the wave. That as I let it ALL out, my brain is able to expand and search for new posibilities.


It’s a beautiful metaphor, and I’m so excited at the signpost that surfing is for me. Literally the start of a new life, the completion of an intention, the finishing of my story, and a new meditation on the beauty of nature and waves and the movement of energy in my life.


I think of launching my newest program(, and that it’s a lot like paddling for a wave.  You’ve got to start paddling (or planning) earlier than you think.  YOu’ve got to paddle like a mother fucker, and even then you might miss it.  If you miss it, there’s always another one.  And once you’ve got it, dont’ get overwhelmed and go nose under.  It’s a balance to ride the wave of excitement.  But the feeling of being on that crescent of aliveness/me-uniqueness, and taking it for a ride is beautiful.


And then that splash, back into the fullness of everything.  Back into the ocean, into the sea of potential, what will we call forth this time.  There’s a waiting for the next wave, there’s a calm inbetween.  There’s chatting with friends, and paddling around.  There’s rest.  And then the inspiration hits and you paddle paddle, plan, impliment, and launch.  GO! 🙂


It’s beautiful.  I’m so greatful, and so excited for new life..

Is there something you’ve been meaning to do for years?? That you just haven’t gotten around to doing.  (you know what it is, you thought of it just as I asked you.)

Now write it down.  And take 3 minutes right now to write down some small things you can do to move towards that goal.  Then write them on your calendar and DO THEM!!!   I really beleive that finishing the things we start, has a HUGE impact on our ability to manifest, and just the general sense of acomplishment and joy in life.


LOve you!




(ps, I’d like to say that I’ve had comments on my spelling, and you can suck it. 🙂 I can’t spell some words, and I get excited, and I make typos, and I’m okay with that, it’s part of my authentic self!)